Our new blog post series: “What we love about Tenerife”

Every year more than 5 million tourists from all over Europe are drawn to Tenerife to spend their vacations here. Many of them even stay for the whole winter, including famous stars like the Columbian singer Shakira and football star Gerard Piqué.

But not only holiday-makers hungry for sunshine are magically attracted to the major island of the Archipelago. The film and television industry also appreciates the diverse scenery that Tenerife has to offer. Since the sixties, many music videos, blockbusters and commercial spots have been shot here.

But what does the magic of Tenerife consist of? Is it the breath-taking view from the top of the Teide? The all year-round pleasant climate? The unique beaches? The untouched laurel forest of the Anaga Mountains? Or even something completely different?

The whole team at FU International Academy have been thinking about this over the last few weeks. Each and every one, from our Spanish teachers to the managers, directors and interns took the time to point out their personal highlight on Tenerife and bring it to paper.

Every monday, starting next week, you will get to see the results on our new blog post series “What we love about Tenerife

Are you already getting excited? I can tell you something right now. The one thing we all do agree on is: We love Tenerife!

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