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Traditionally the three hearts (El Pico, Calle Arriba and Calle Abajo), which represent the population nuclei of the town, are transported on shoulders  to the church square accompanied by their citizens of neighborhoods. A path that is accompanied by the continuum “Sonar of the rockets”, known as ‘flying’. Each Heart is carried by approximately 25 men, since its weight can reach  800 kilos.

The group is led by improvised groups of traditional dances (ISAS) and children carrying the flags. St. Bartholomew receives them at the door of the Parish Church and produces an emotional act known as the Offering, which is represented since 1984. They are then hung and decorated with flags, 4 in the large crown, 2 in the girl and one protruding from the bouquet. Thus they are exposed from Sunday, the main day of the party, until Monday afternoon

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