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Las fiestas de San Andrés take place in two different places.

One fair is in Icod de los Vinos where the kids glide on wooden boards on the steep Calle del Plano. Under the light of the moon, the harvesters of the area uncork the wines of the last vintage in a ritual that is repeated in many other places.

The other fair takes place in Puerto de la Cruz with the name “Los Cacharros”. A tradition that consists of tying cans and boats to a metal rope and dragging it through the streets. Young people and tourists are concentrated in the Plaza del Charco to throw “a verga” innumerable pots and old objects that are hitting the ground making noise through different streets.

In the same square the “Castañada” is celebrated, a festive event where you can taste typical products of the island: chestnuts, cherne, gofio amasado, sweet potatoes, wine.


Enjoy a night full of Canarian traditions!

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