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It is the oldest romería in Tenerife, celebrated for the first time more than a hundred years ago. It starts in the morning of September 6 to 7, after the “Holy Mass of the Pilgrims” the Romería will be celebrated. It runs from the Church of San Pedro de Güímar to the Church of El Socorro, located in the hamlet of the same name. Outside the church ther will be “rosaries”, the floats, the band of music, which plays the sounds of the “Al Socorro”, and the members of the dance that accompany the Virgin. On the afternoon of the 7th, a ceremony is held in El Socorro, where the appearance of the Image is shown to the Guanches on the beaches of Chimisay. On the 8th in the afternoon there is the “Ascent of the Virgin” to the Church of San Pedro. In this ascent and to the height of the Asomada, the traditional game of the “Pairs or nones” begins.

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