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It’s a brand new year! Who says brand new year says brand new goals, brand new hopes, and not-so-brand-new failed attempts. It’s great to have strategies and action plans to reach your goals in 2018, but what will really get you there …. starts with the way you think.

You are made to succeed, but there is stuff in your way that holds you from getting ahead at some points on your journey. And yes, this ‘stuff’ is you and your thoughts.

In this presentation, we will explore what mindset is, the impact it has on your life and how you can start making a change now to knock it out of the park in 2018!

Geneviève Pépin is a coach and author who has lived and traveled in more than 20 countries. With 4 languages under the belt, Genevieve worked in events management and marketing for 5+ years, before pushing ‘reset’ and launching her own online business. She is now an accredited life coach on a mission to help women around the world feel great about themselves from the inside out.

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