Spanish movies that will help you learn the language quickly

Spanish movies are ideal additions to any routine established to broaden existing language skills quickly and easily – even if they are still low 😉
Wondering how that works?

In this article, you will learn about the advantages of learning Spanish via video, DVD & Co.
In addition, we have created a list with the best Spanish movies that shows what movies will best help you in increasing your Spanish skills!
Educational media with a difference!


What are the benefits of watching movies in Spanish?


“You learn with your eyes first”

Movies are visual and therefore have a high entertainment character. They make us curious about what will happen next. Even if you cannot immediately understand all the words, your eyes will help you to follow the plot.
Therefore, it is usually much easier to follow through a movie in Spanish than through black and white text in a book.

Communication barriers torn down by body language

As people communicate, more than half of “what is said” is actually said through body language and the tone of voice. This is of great help to our understanding, as we hear and see how people act and react.
Even if you might not understand every word, emotions such as joy, anger, rage and grief are universal, and therefore, instinctively understood.

Learning Spanish easy way everyday!

(Spanish) movies also have the advantage of containing many communication-intensive social situations that you encounter in everyday life. This will therefore help to improve your language in everyday situations such as small talk.

Motivation is everything

What’s best: our brains learns extremely fast when they are having fun.
Motivation is important (as it is so often) even while learning is everything. With this addressed, our reward system will be absorb knowledge like a sponge.

Spanish movies with subtitles are ideal learning tools

A subtitle supports the spoken word. This is particularly useful if one or two words escaped your hearing, or was not fully understandable.
Films in Spanish with English subtitles for beginners as well as Spanish movies with Spanish subtitles for advanced learners are excellent ways of utilizing movies to suit your needs and Spanish knowledge.

Do you have a favorite movie? Watch this movie in Spanish next time!

Especially if you already know a film in your mother tongue, this is one of best ways to learn the Spanish vocabulary, as you can imagine!

Since you already know what happens and what is said about, you have the opportunity to listen to the way that a Spanish person would express it.
You’ll be amazed by how many words get stuck!


Which movies in Spanish are best suited for learning?


If you still don’t speak any Spanish and want to start by watching films, English movies in Spanish subtitles are your first helpers.

Do you already have basic knowledge of grammar and have mastered the basic vocabulary? Then go ahead, with Spanish movies with English subtitles.

Are you practiced in listening? Then Spanish movies with Spanish subtitles are right choice.

It is also recommended that you check the complexity of grammar and vocabulary to fit your proficiency level, beforehand.
Since one usually only notices that when the film already plays, our teachers at FU Academy selected best Spanish movies to learn Spanish for you.
You find them in this list:

Best movies to learn Spanish for beginners (A1-A2)

Movies for learning spanish with Level A1-A2


  • El Laberinto del Fauno (Pan’s Labyrinth)
    Director Guillermo del Toros’ original Spanish movie tells about the civil war in Spain and the postwar period.
    He is wonderful when practicing deepening your Spanish vocabulary, and learningser” and “estar“, as well as for training the present and past tenses.



  • El otro lado de la cama (The Other Side of the Bed)
    Emilio Martínez L-ázaros’ comedy which contains many songs of the recent years and is about the lives of two young couples.
    Vocabulary is not unnecessarily complicated, and is well-suited for beginners. The sentence structure is not too difficult either.


  • Tres bodas de mas (Three other weddings )
    Three other weddings is a romantic comedy from Javier Ruiz Caldera. The story is about Ruth, who is invited to three of her ex-boyfriends’ individual weddings within the same month. Again, the vocabulary is very beginner-friendly designed and most sentences are simple.


Best movies to learn Spanish for advanced

Movies for learning Spanish with Level B1-B2


  • La comunidad (Alone among Neighbours)
    In Alex de la Iglesias’ black comedy about a murderous neighborhood, you will learn how to argue, to get your opinion across, how to describe, as well as how to state hypotheses.


  • Los peores años os de nuestra vida (The Worst Years of our Life)
    The strip of Emilio Martinez Lazaro tells the story of two brothers who fall in love with the same girlThis is a Spanish movie in which you will learn to express feelings, moods, beliefs and desires and how to give advice. In addition, here “ser” and “estar” are repeated.


  • Azuloscurocasinegro (Deepbluealmostblack)
    Daniel Sanchez Arevalo describes in his film Spain’s Society and Youth Culture.
    It is therefore suitable for learning the vocabulary of young people and to deepen your knowledge about the Spanish Society and its youth culture.


  • Hable con ella (Talk to Her)
    A Spanish movie of the impossible love between the sensitive male nurse, Benigno, and comatose ballet dancer, Alicia.
    With this film, you can expand your vocabulary and learn how to express feelings.


  • Te doy mis ojos (Take my Eyes)
    This film by Iciar Bollain tells of a very serious, as well as current, problem: abuse.
    Rousing and dark, it is ideal to improve the tenses and your language.


  • Ocho Apellidos Vascos (8 Names for Love)
    With this humorous film, learn about the Spanish cultural differences between northern and southern Spain. Here you will learn not only the cultural intricacies, but also linguistic differences between northern and southern Spain!


Best movies to learn Spanish for (almost) professionals

Movies for learning Spanish with Level C1-C2


  • Mar Adentro (The Sea Inside)
    The Spanish film by Alejandro Amenábar is based on the real story of Ramón Sampedro, who fights for the right to euthanasia after an diving accident.
    It shows you the proper use of Imperativo, Subjuntivo and Pasado.


  • El secreto de sus ojos (In your Eyes)
    The retired detective, Benjamín Espósito, writes a novel based on an unsolved riddle – the rape and murder of a newly married, young girl.
    This Spanish film also helps you to master the past tenses.


  • Belle Epoque (Season of Love)
    The film by Fernando Trueba is about love just before the Spanish Civil War.It teaches you Spanish historical knowledge such as social structures and vocabulary embedded in historical context.


  • Todo sobre mi madre (All About my mother)
    The tragic film of Pedro Almodóvar tells the story of a mother who begins to seek her child’s father after the death of her son. The father knows nothing of his son, and has since undergone a sex change operation.
    This Spanish movie extends your knowledge to subordinate clauses and colloquial language.


More Videomarterial to Learn Spanish


These movies are still joined by a series of short films, with an “easily digestible” learning unit in between, as well as by free instructional videos for all language levels.
Again, we have compiled the most interesting for you.

Practicing with Spanish movies and documentaries, etc

An additional, and nice way of learning your Spanish visually is provided by
Here you may learn Spanish through movies by watching trailers, short documentaries and several other short videos. Afterwards, you are provided with exercises and questions about the scenes that you watched.

Free instructional videos for the language level A1 B2


The Spanish portal is with a treasure chest of more than 80 of Spanish learning videos. There you find plenty of everything:

Grammar units, vocabulary, numbers, lessons for understanding, and much more simplified material packaged in small movies to learn Spanish quickly.
Just choose your Level and you are ready to start!

Learn spanish – movies & Co. support you here


Learn Spanish with movies! It is an excellent opportunity to further expand and refine your acquired language skills. You’ll be amazed by how much vocabulary and sentence structures you can keep your head in no time as soon as your learning sessions are filmed!

Oh and by the way: if you want to bring your Spanish from the screen into real life, then why don’t you vistit us to do a language course at the FU Academy in Tenerife. Our teachers are looking forward to teaching you their native tongue close – your personal Spanish movies await you here at Puerto de la Cruz. 😀

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