8 Free Spanish Podcasts Every Spanish Learner Should Listen To


A Podcast? What is that?

Have you ever listened to a podcast before, or do you even know what it is?
If no, now is the best time to change that!

As you will see, podcasts can help you to learn a language faster and it’s more authentic than just studying dusty text and grammar books.

So what is a podcast?

According to Wikipedia, a podcast is a digital medium that consists of an episodic series of audio files. To listen to those files, you can download or stream the podcasts online on your mobile device or computer. There are tons of podcasts that you can listen to and the range of topics is innumerable.

You can use podcasts for different purposes such as entertainment or, as in this case, language training.

Why listen to a Spanish Podcast?

There is no better way to learn or improve in a particular language than to surround yourself with the language.

The fact is though, that most of us “Spanish learners” don’t have the opportunity to stay in Spain or any other Spanish speaking country longer than the length of our vacations.

A Podcast gives you the chance to listen to Spanish mother-tongue speakers any time you want to!

But what is best, is that YOU decide which language level and WHO you would like to listen to!

Start learning Spanish now! – With a podcast

Podcasts are not only useful for intermediate or advanced learners, but they can also help you when you want to start learning the language.

There are podcasts that teach you the basics in English, in such a way that it feels a bit like a lesson in school.

If you want to learn Spanish monolingually, you will also have the opportunity to do that. In such podcasts, you usually have a transcript attached to every podcast, along with additional exercises.

And what’s best – you can listen for free!

Of course, you can spend money on it, but why should you when there are so many good Spanish podcasts for free?

To help you find them, we selected 8 great Spanish podcasts and summed up the most important information to give you a quick overview.

The language levels we stated are adopted from the websites, and so the marked language levels depend on the particular producer and is not based on one uniform guideline.



  1. Language Treks

    Language level: beginners
    Monolingual podcast: no (Spanish – English)
    Transcripts: no

    As Johnny’s second name already implies, this is a bilingual podcast.
    Your hosts are Johnny English and Christina. They will teach you conversational basics in a very playful and enthusiastic way.

    This free podcast belongs to a professional education software program. It was designed for pupils, but it can also help you when you are starting to learn Spanish as a beginner.


  1. Spanish obsessed

    Language levels: Spanish from scratch, beginners, intermediate, advanced
    Monolingual podcast: depends on the chosen level (at the beginning it is also in English)
    Transcripts: yes

    Spanish Obsessed is good for beginners and also advanced Spanish speakers. The beginner episodes are hosted in both English and Spanish. As it gets more advanced, it then turns to only Spanish spoken podcasts.

    You are going to be hosted by a nice couple – Rob from London and Liz from Columbia. They put a lot of effort into the variety of topics. Also, they have guest hosts from different Spanish-speaking countries of the world to allow you to practice different dialects.

    The intention of the hosts of this podcast is to share their passion for the Spanish language with the audience. You can hear that in their presentation!

  1.  Audiria

    Language levels: from beginners to advanced (five different levels)
    Monolingual: yes
    Transcripts: yes

    You will never get bored with this podcast! There are so many different episodes and a variety of topics to explore. A new podcast is also uploaded every day!

    To find out which session fits your knowledge level, you can evaluate based on the description of every episode since they are tagged with five different levels.

    Audiria is founded by two brothers from Málaga, who want to support Spanish learners worldwide. As you will see, they put blood, sweat and tears into this mission!!


  1. Lightspeed Spanish

    Language slevel: absolute beginners, early intermediate, advanced intermediate, advanced speaker
    Monolingual podcast: no (Spanish – English)
    Transcripts: no

    Lightspeed Spanish is a nice way to start learning Spanish. You’ll find an episode for every typical beginner topic that you would want to learn. You will learn which greeting to use at what time, the alphabet, introduction and the list goes on.

    What is worth mentioning is that there is much English spoken for explanations in the beginners lessons. Later on the episodes, the lessons are held in Spanish only.

    You will be again be hosted by a nice British/Spanish couple. Gordon and Cynthia are really good teachers. They provide explanations calmly and in easy to understand method. They also offer you a lot of information about Spanish culture and some lessons even include videos.

  1. Coffee break Spanish – Radio lingua

    Language levels: beginners, intermediate, advanced
    Monolingual podcast: no (Spanish – English)
    Transcripts: not for free

    This is a very popular podcast. The episodes are assorted into three different levels, which makes it easy to find out which one to start with.

    The selection of episodes is wide and the topics are eclectic.
    A small summary of each lesson gives you an overview of what the episode is about.

    You listen to Mark and Kara, who are both Scottish, but have easy to understand accents. Mark is Kara’s language teacher, and you have the opportunity to be a part of the lessons.



  1. Notes in Spanish

    Language levels: inspired beginners, intermediate, advanced
    Monolingual podcast: depends on the chosen level (Spanish – English)
    Transcripts: not for free

    You can start as absolute beginner and just go from episode to episode.
    If you already know a little Spanish, you can easily choose the intermediate or advanced level podcasts.

    Marina from Madrid and Ben from England are your hosts. They fill every episode with varied, fresh and interesting topics such as Spanish culture, interesting news, travel and current affairs and so on…


  1. Podcast in Spanish 

    Language levels: 1, 2 & 3
    Monolingual: yes
    Transcripts: not for free

    You already have some knowledge with speaking Spanish?
    If yes, we completely recommend this Podcast to you!

    There is no basic language course, so you should already be able to get around with easy Spanish when you start listening to this podcast.
    Every chapter is tagged with a level from 1 to 3.

    You will listen to authentic conversations between native speakers. If you have problems understanding parts of those conversations, you have the opportunity to download a transcript.

    They also offer you a wide range of different topics to choose from. Listening to this Podcast will extend your vocabulary at a great pace.


  1. Lengalia

    Language levels: B1, B2, C1
    Monolingual: yes
    Transcripts: not for free (you can buy them along with their language program)

    Lengalia will provide you with a good chance to extend your knowledge about the Spanish life and culture.
    There are around 15 episodes per language level uploaded.

    Also, you will have the chance to listen to a podcast about Latin America. Those 19 episodes are conversations held by native speakers of the particular Spanish-American country as they discuss their country.

You still want it to be more professional? Try podcasts with costs!

Of course there are also professional podcast that you have to pay for. Most of these not only consist of the podcasts, but they also offer you a lot of additional material like videos, grammar sheets and so on.

In general in most podcasts you have the chance to listen to some episodes for free and decide then whether you want to spent money on this podcast or not. We collected some popular examples for you:

  1. Spanishpod101

  2. Spanish only Spanish

  3. Learn real Spanish

  4. News in slow Spanish


Why not learn in the authentic atmosphere?

And if you get tired of only listening to podcasts and you want to improve your Spanish skills in a authentic surrounding, please don’t hesitate to come to Tenerife and meet us at the FU – language academy. We will be happy to organise your Spanish course, just contact us! 

See you in Tenerife!


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