It’s impossible to be bored on Tenerife!

Our blog post series “What we love about Tenerife” – Part 10: Pablo


If you ask me what I like most about Tenerife it is impossible for me to give you only one answer. There are so many things I love about my island that I could never decide on a just one.

But there is one aspect of Tenerife I usually mention when I talk to people who, just like you, are not familiar with the island: the diversity of the natural world here.

The unique environment makes Tenerife a place with countless attractions, so your time on the island never becomes boring. It’s actually impossible to be bored on my island!

In less than 45min you can have a quick swim in Los Gigantes in the west, then go for a walk through the National Park Corona Forestal and finally visit Mount Teide, which at 3,817 m is the highest mountain in Spain.

Tenerife is the perfect place if you love nature! It doesn’t matter if you prefer the beach or mountains, extreme sports or relaxation – you will find a spot where you can have amazing and unforgettable experiences.

Because of this, among many other reasons, Tenerife is a destination you have to visit.

I can guarantee, without any reservations, that Tenerife will not disappoint you! Moreover, I am convinced that you will will agree with me… and if you do so we will welcome you with open arms!

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