Mount Teide – the center of Tenerife

Our blog post series “What we love about Tenerife” – Part 15: Pilar

What we love about Tenerife - Pilar

There are many things I like about Tenerife. First of all I like the volcanic landscape, the sea, the mountains, the indigenous plants, the impressive sunsets… in winter you can enjoy the snow covered peak of Mount Teide while walking along the beach as if it was summer. Of course, the best thing of all is the climate!

I really like the contrast which is created by the mountain landscape which divides the island into two completly different worlds and countless microclimates.

At the same time, the island seems to be made to a human scale: there are no great distances, but sifficient to introduce a certain amount of human and environmental diversity. This feature allows us to enjoy a quality of life in terms of the purity of its air and clarity of the skies, which are like a gateway to distant universes.

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