Why Tenerife is a way of life!

Our Blogpost series “What we love about Tenerife” – Part 17: Anna Marguerita

Do you know those little cheesy “Love is …” -pictures?

I could design thousands of them – About Tenerife.

Because this crazy island in the Atlantic Ocean has not just won me over step by step. Rather it completely captured me.

Actually, the “Epiphany” is to blame, because all of this began with them.

Early in 2007 I came to Tenerife for the first time and stayed for a few months. On the day of  “los tres reyes magos” (Spanish for Epiphany) – the three kings march through the small town of El Sauzal on the eve of the Epiphany.

My neighbour prepared me:

“This is something very touching. The sacred story is told”.

The idea appealed to me. I got a sense of Christmas in the frozen food section of Corte Inglés a few days before. I was approached by a pushy promotion employee, dressed as Santa Claus (I only was able to escape, as I left the frozen food section. Nowhere else could he have kept his jacket and beard on).

Anyway: Christmas spirit at over 20 degrees and sunshine is something very… special.

On January 5th, I was full of anticipation. I walked along the very festively decorated street in El Sauzal towards the main square. I was in a quite contemplative mood. But this quickly changed into incredulous astonishment:

From camels lined up, to Samba dancers in rows, to stilt walkers! Carols rang out from oversized speakers, confetti floated through the air. Wooden chairs were set up, and the children with their flags eagerly awaited the arrival of the Three Kings.

I didn’t have long to wait. It became very quiet. Sparklers were lit and then – with a loud “Hurray” – three brightly coloured classic cars appeared with the Magi sitting on them throwing candy to the crowd. I have to admit: I was dumbstruck!

Then when I came back to the apartment, a ship on wheels and three camels were parked on my doorstep.

I think that was the moment I fell in love with the island for the first time.

That evening a Samba percussion group from El Sauzal was performing and I enjoyed that zest for life and their catching rhythms. I enjoyed it so much that I gathered all my courage and asked them, with my then still humble Spanish skills, whether I could attend one of their practices.

The members of the samba percussion group “Maracatu 4.1” became my wonderful friends. In February 2007, only a few weeks after our first meeting, I got the chance to perform with them in Santa Cruz – at the second largest carnival of the world.

At that time I often thought: Now there are two hearts beating in my chest. One for my home in Bavaria, and another one, equally loud, for my second home here on Tenerife.

Since 2007 I tried to be on this island as often as I could.

Then came this one great moment

in May this year when I reached a point that made me realize that something had to change. The longing for Tenerife was too strong. And we all know: If the heart decides on something, your brain can’t change it.

So I applied for, and found, a wonderful job on Tenerife, gave up my position in Germany and sold nearly all my furniture. I was ready to go.

My new job here is like the icing on the cake. Everything is right: An interesting job, nice colleagues, great philosophy. The phrase “Child, you just can’t have everything!” just isn’t true (well, except for for the thought how great it would be if we could connect Bavaria directly to Tenerife so I can have my family close to me… Fortunately my family has fallen in love with Tenerife too and spends a lot of time here now).

The moment I sat in the airplane and saw my beloved Teide can only be described as having “butterflies in my stomach”. This incredible feeling when you step out of the airport building, the sun glistening in the blue sky, a light wind blowing through the palm trees … and you know: Yes,  here is where I belong!

And here I am! Since I just can’t decide what I love most about Tenerife,  I will share some secret tips with you.

A colorful mixture of places and things you should not miss:

Tenerife is ….

El Sauzal! Take a walk through the beautiful small town, visit the “Parque Los Lavaderos” with its small café. From there, or from the ice cream shop at the Mirador de La Garañona,  you can enjoy the incredible view over the cliff coast.

Playa Bollullo! Stroll directly from Puerto de la Cruz along the coast to the beach and take a bath in the waves of the wild Atlantic.

La Laguna! Culture and pleasure for all the senses with a walk through the beautiful old town of La Laguna. How about stopping by for a “Cortado Leche y Leche” in CaféTeatro7?

Like ice in the sunshine! When you hear the music of Lili Marleen in the streets during summertime, a question and answer emerge. The question: Why this song ??? The answer: Hooray, it´s the ice cream waggon!

Buenavista del Norte! A trip to such a beautiful small town has to be celebrated! The best way to do so is with the sweet treats from “El Aderno Sweet Shop”. My advice: Get some of those sweet treasures and go directly to the beach. Staying here until the sunset is a must,  because it is especially romantic there!

Fiesta! Whether it is Carnival, traditional festivals such as the Romería (in traditional dresses and with old melodies) or the diversity of concerts (especially in Santa Cruz and La Laguna) – There is always something to celebrate.

Light! Even on the rare darker days it is still bright. And one feels as if this shining light is transferred onto people. The sense of freedom that is conveyed through the vastness and the blue color of the Atlantic further adds to this sensation.

Learning Spanish! There is a big difference between just learning a language and experiencing it first-hand on the ground. It is really fun to learn Spanish and I can confirm that from my own experience! Languages can build bridges! And make possible many new experiences, whether personal or professional.

Diversity! Tenerife’s microclimate with its fabulous five climate zones allows you to experience nature in all its elements. Whether in water sports, hiking, paragliding or while sunbathing. Everything is possible.

On that note, all that is left for me to say is:

Love is …. Tenerife. And for me it will last for a long time.

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