10 things I love about Tenerife

Our blog post series “What we love about Tenerife” – Part 3: Yaiza

The island in which I was lucky to be born is called Tenerife. Yes! It is the biggest of the Canary Islands. The Canary Islands? Probably you’ve been asking yourself since you started reading whether this group of islands belongs to Africa. This question is a little tricky and their answer is diverse: Yes, geografically we belong to Africa; No, politically we are Europeans.

Alright, I’ll stop blabbing and concentrate on the important things: What do I like about my island?

I am not able to give an answer to this question without mentioning at least ten different things:

1.) the climate, in summer it is really hot and in winter not too cold

2.) the clear water along the coast

3.) the length of the beaches

4.) the stunning landscapes

5.) the historical centers like in La Laguna and La Orotava with their countless classy courtyards

6.) the charm of the people who would do everything for you without expecting to get anything in return

7.) the gastronomy (their “papas arrugadas” (salty potatos), “escaldón” (a pork or beef stew), chickpeas, fresh fish, “ropa vieja” (shreddered beef in a tomato based sauce) …)

8.) the good wine

9.) the vegetation, “verodes”, the heath, the dragon palm trees, the “tajinastes” (red echiums)

10.) the huge amount of activities we can do here (hiking, scubadiving, surfing…)

To cut a long story short, I love my island! I love the people here and I love everything you can find on the island!


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