Discover Güímar – a charming village on the coast

Our blog post series “What we love about Tenerife” – Part 6 Elena

The climate is without any doubt one of the main elements that makes Tenerife so attractive. In winter as well as in summer, you can enjoy the mild temperatures of the  “Eternal Spring”. The beaches are places for free time activities, relaxation and to catch up with friends. As good islanders we love the sun, the sea and the delcious cuisine.

My favorite place in Tenerife is in Güímar, in the south-east part of the island. Güímar is divided into two different areas. In the upper part of the village you will find a potpourri  of ancient houses with big terraces and wooden balconies, places which are not that popular for tourists but which still retain the spirit of the village, and even today are quiet and peaceful….but this is not the case in the other part of Guimar on the coast. It is called El Puertito de Güímar. It consists of different areas, a fishing port, a seawater swimming pool and beaches with the typical Tenerife black sand.

In summer there are many fiestas. The “Fiestas del Carmen” are well known for their fireworks over the sea and they are an amazing and popular tourist attraction. The water is clean and the area is really quiet. The port area and beaches are surrounded by bars and restaurants. You will find restaurants like “El Chef Padilla” or “El Chibusque”, where you can enjoy a tapas of fish or calamari salad with a cold beer while watching people enjoy the sea, the beach and the wonderful clear blue sky – it’s a really great spot and just one of the reasons why I love Tenerife!

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