Tenerife – The only risk is that you want to stay there!

Our blog post series “What we love about Tenerife” – Part 7: Jana


Just after a little bit more than 5 months, Tenerife became my second home … And these are the different reasons: I recognised that native people skip the end of a word. So that, for example, “Adiós” is turned into “Adióóó” and while talking, they make a lot of gestures with their hands. And if the temperatures falls below 20º I need a jacket.

As I grew up by water (near the marvellous Baltic Sea) I really love the Atlantic Ocean , I especially love being able to go the beach throughout the whole year. I enjoy having a walk along the coast in the evenings – almost 365 days a year.

The mountains, the ocean and especially the sky, which I have seen in all the colours you can imagine, beguiled me. Also (most of) the Tinerfeños appeal to me. Up to now their calmness hasn’t rubbed off on me yet, but maybe it will in the rest of my time here… ;-)) That’s one thing, we Germans can learn from the Spanish people.

I have to admit, that I’ve already lived in places which are much more beautiful than Puerto, nevertheless Puerto has a certain charm I can’t escape from. It’s neither a city nor a village… Perfect for a country bumpkin like me, as I don’t like big cities and very small villages. Although on the way from the Playa Jardín to La Paz in the morning several car drivers call out “Rubiaaa” (blondie) to me get on my nerves, one glimpse of Mount Teide compensates for everything.

The island’s diversity is unique. There could be hardly more contrasts on one single island. I took part in a lot of activities: Hiking, riding horses, riding a bike down the Teide and whale watching. We also enjoyed boat tours and our trips to La Gomera and Gran Canaria y mucho más… During my remaining time here I want to try surfing and to visit at least one of the other Canarian Islands.

I have to admit, that I thought of staying here to discover the many places I haven’t seen yet. To go back to Germany doesn’t seem to be a good idea. My conclusion after a half year on Tenerife? The only risk is that you want to stay there!

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