Loro Parque – a green oasis of calm in the midst of a town full of hustle and bustle

Our blog post series “What we love about Tenerife” – Part 8: Kim


I’ve been in Tenerife for more than three months now. I remember clearly how I felt when I arrived here: alone, tired, hungry, but also excited. Tenerife welcomed me, surprisingly not with warm sunshine, but with refreshing rain. And I didn’t get off lightly, there was even a gale warning!  My suitcase was mainly crammed with summer clothes and here on Tenerife it was chilly and windy… I asked myself why anybody would want to spend the winter here. But after a while I understood them. As soon as the sun comes out, the sky turns to blue and the snow capped Mount Teide sparkles in the distance; then you feel as if you have really arrived on holiday.

Up to now I already visited various places on Tenerife and done some interesting trips. I have sunbathed on the Playa de las Américas in the South and enjoyed the soft, sun-warmed sand under my feet. I went on an organized tour to the town of La Orotava and the Teide National Park, where I checked out the amazing volcanic landscape. I dared to jump into the cold deep sea, when I went on a dolphin watching trip in Los Gigantes and had an exciting adrenalin-fueled day in Siam Park, Europe’s biggest water park.

I can recommend all the things I’ve done and for sure I’ve lots of great experiences to write about, but the highlight so far has been visiting Loro Parque in Puerto de la Cruz.

White tigers, parrots, gorillas, dolphins, giant tortoises, orcas, sea lions, … have found a safe and comfortable home there. In my opinion, it’s not like an ordinary zoo because you can feel the personal relationship between the animals and the keepers. Also at the different animal shows, great importance is placed on the welfare of the animals. Dolphins, orcas, sea lions and parrots show you how talented they are.

I advise you to see all of the shows. It pays to do so! I really enjoyed watching the dolphins master their jumps, the sea lions playing with rings or one of the orcas showering the audience with water as he swam by. I also sat in a row very close to the pool and got soaking wet, so pay attention to where you sit! ;)) I admit that I have visited the dolphin and orca shows twice and even after the second time I was still amazed, thrilled and in awe of these magnificent creatures.

They also offer special guided tours through the park. If you are really interested in getting some background information about the park and animals, you shouldn’t miss the Discovery Tour. Usually I’m not the type of person who likes guided tours but in this case it was really interesting to look behind the scenes.

Do you know what a gorilla’s favourite meal is? Probably your first thought will be B A N A N A S! I will show you what Schorsch (the German gorilla) and his fellow male companions like to eat.

Yes, you got it right, they like baby food, diet jam and tea. Real gourmets!

Have you ever observed the feeding of a baby penguin? How it tries to keep standing on his little feet, but it staggers because it’s still unsteady on its legs and how it stretches with all its strength towards the food and finally devours it greedily? The only thing I can say, it’s sooooooo cute!!

Moreover, you absolutely have to see how the parrots….No, I won’t describe them, just take a look for yourself, take a stroll through the lush gardens looking at the birds and animals and enjoy your day!

The warm sunny day at Loro Parque passed by way too fast for me. Everywhere there was something new to marvel at and I wasn’t able to tear myself away. My day came to an end on a small bench with a view of beautifully coloured flowers and the last rays of sun on my skin… Ask me if I would like to come back? No question!

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