Three days became three years

Our blog post series “What we love about Tenerife” – Part 9: Annia

It took three days to reach the island of Tenerife by boat and now, three years on, I can’t say I ever regret coming here. Although you can drive round the island in three hours there are many things to discover. Not only the variety of sights but also the cuisine.

If you asked me what I would recommend, I would definitely say:

 1. My favourite place on the whole island: Punta de Teno

2 . Eating in a Guachinche – a typical rural Canarian restaurant with home cooked food, local wine, a friendly atmosphere and very reasonable prices.

3. Mt.Teide Volcano and National Park –  The “must see” of the Island

4. Going up the Teide at midnight and gazing in amazement at the “Tears of San Lorenzo” meteor shower – no wishes as there are so many shooting stars.

5. Hiking in the Anaga Natural Park

6.  Going to the beach and trying to find a lovely rock pool – e.g. Charco del Viento

7. Going out for drinks, clubbing (Where? Ask me when you get here!)

Tenerife is an island of contrasts . Although located near the equator, the island has so much to offer for people of all tastes  – from hikers to sun worshippers. Enjoy the fiestas the relaxation and the variety of the different microclimates.

One of the most dramatic moments in the past year was my attempt at diving with turtles. You really have to be careful of these delightful creatures, they swim really fast, and seem to say ” You had better move over. I’m coming through!.” Stunning !

Tenerife offers rich cultural diversity, fun, freedom and a great quality of life.


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