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Flexible & Customized Corporate Spanish Language Training Online in Group Courses or Private Lessons


Does your company need Spanish-speaking employees?

Enabling employees to learn more languages not only has a positive impact on their motivation and appreciation of the company. Of course, Spanish-speaking employees can also help grow the business in the Spanish-speaking world.

At our school, FU International Academy Tenerife, we have been teaching exclusively Spanish in intensive courses and private lessons since 2000. And since 2014 we also teach Spanish online.

We have developed a unique 48 level system that allows us to measure the level of Spanish knowledge of our students. Have a look at the level graphic below!

Our FUIA Teaching Method

Based on the results of our students’ level test, we’ll create the most suitable course programme for them.

Spanish Levels
  • We have developed a unique 48 level teaching system.

  • Here at FUIA the typical 6 levels of Spanish (A1, A2, B1, B2, C1, C2) are divided into smaller sub-levels (A1.1, A.1.2, A1.3, etc.).

  • Our placement test provides us the students’ exact knowledge of Spanish according to our level system.

  • This allows us to adapt our Spanish classes exactly to their needs.

  • Our Spanish teaching method has been developed and constantly improved by our teaching team over the years.

  • Find out more about our FUIA Spanish teaching method.

The following online courses can be booked as corporate Spanish training

The following online courses can be booked as corporate Spanish training

Our whole teaching team consists of qualified, native Spanish teachers. They all have university degrees and years of experience in teaching Spanish to foreigners.

Our Spanish teachers

Our Corporate Spanish Online Training at a Glance