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Learn to speak Spanish in our online classes in a fun and easy way. With the most qualified, experienced and friendliest teachers you can ask for. 

We teach you the skill you practice the least.

There are many ways to learn Spanish online on your own, lots of the methods are even totally free. You can use youtube videos, podcasts, quizzes, learning platforms, apps, courses and even dictionaries. All those resources might help you to improve your reading, listening and writing.

But there’s one part, the most important one, that’s missing in all of them: the speaking part. One of the main reasons why people don’t practice speaking as much as other skills is that it’s not nearly as convenient.

Learning at home on your computer is great, but for computers, conversations are very complex and it’s one of the few things they simply can’t do right.  

Interestingly enough, speaking is the skill most people wish to be really good at. Yet, it’s also the skill they practice the least.

The very best way to learn a language is to speak it as often as possible with native speakers of that language, enabling you to pick up the correct flow and feel of the phrasing as soon as possible.

Because you'll develop an interactive personal relationship with your tutor, conversations will be real and natural and you'll progress at exactly the right speed for optimal results.

Choose The Classes Type That Suits You Most

Conversational Spanish Classes

The classes are designed for people who want to practice and improve their conversation skills.

The teachers will have prepared the classes beforehand with the material to speak about.

Lessons are very dynamic, topic based and focused on fluency. This will give you the opportunity to practise Spanish at your own level with the help of a professional, empathic and friendly teacher not only developing your fluency and confidence but also improving  pronunciation, vocabulary and grammar.

Topics are tailored to each student. These can vary from: news, art, controversy, small talk, job interview preparation, business talk, practice your presentation, technology, sports or bring your own topic.


After each lesson your teacher will email a summary with notes and comments about your conversation session and also access to the material used in class.

For the conversational classes we use SKYPE.

General Spanish Classes

No matter if you are just starting with Spanish or you are already advanced, the general classes, face-to-face, adapt to your exact level. Before the first lesson you do a placement test which indicates the level you’re in. 

Classes are tailor-made. You can decide where you want to improve or you let us take over. Within a very short time we’ll see in which areas you should improve most.

From experience, we know that the only way to prepare you to communicate effectively in Spanish is engaging you in interactive and communicative classes. We do so through a variety of proven teaching techniques, alongside the most up-to-date teaching materials.

After each lesson we will give you optional homework to do and make sure that the tasks are relevant and make you engage actively with the material, not mindlessly copying or repeating things.

We use the latest technology in online teaching, a virtual classroom system with an easy-to-handle whiteboard system.

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9 Reasons Our Classes are Just Right for You


Qualified, Native Spanish Teachers

All of our teachers have university degrees in Spanish and years of experience in teaching. All of them are official DELE examiners from A2 to C1.


Own Methodology of Teaching Spanish

We’ve been teaching Spanish at FUIA since 2000 and have developed our own methodology which has been constantly improved over the time.


Precise Placements - Learning at the Right Level

Before you book your first lesson with us we’ll send you a link to our placement test which gives us and you your exact level of Spanish. We have divided the CEFR into sub levels A1.1, A.1.2, A1.3, etc. - 48 levels in total. Once you complete a full level, you will receive a certificate of achievement.


Tailor-made tuition - we adapt the classes to you needs

If you want to learn Spanish for a specific purpose such as work or study, we can prepare personalised content for you. We ‘ll ask for your requirements and objectives before, then use this to prepare a highly effective teaching programme to meet your expectations and learning goals.


Flexible classes schedule - learn wherever and whenever you want​

For those who have a hectic work schedule or are full-time parents, we offer you a flexible classes schedule where you decide when's the best time to take some Spanish classes. With the help of our virtual online classes, you can literally learn wherever and whenever you want.


Latest virtual classrooms technology - easy to work with​​​​

We DON’T use Skype for the general Spanish classes but a video-conferencing tool with whiteboard technology for highly interactive online sessions.

We do use SKYPE for the conversational Spanish classes.


High Speed Internet - we don't let you down

High Speed Internet from our side is guaranteed. Our teachers have at least 300 Mbit up and download speed so there shouldn’t be any downtimes from our side.


No stupid writing exercises online - we don't waste your time

We don't make you write a lot during your online sessions. This is done by you in the homework tasks to maximise the effective learning in class time.


Quality proof - you are learning at an acc​​​​​redited school

  • The FU International school is a Spanish language school since the year 2000.  

  • We hold the accreditation by the Instituto Cervantes in Madrid.

  • We are an official exam center for the DELE, SIELE and CCSE exam and member of FEDELE, the federation of Spanish schools in Spain. 

  • We follow CEFR (Common European Framework of Reference for Languages) standards, so you can be sure you're learning Spanish at internationally recognised skill levels.

What Our Students Are Saying

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Here at FUIA we know that our Spanish online classes belong to the best that you can find on the internet. We're so sure of this that we offer a 100% money back guarantee until you finished the first session (90 min) with one of our teachers. If you are not happy with the course content, or you don't feel it is for you, simply email us to get the entire cost of the course refunded.