The DELE Exam Is the Best Official and International Proof of Your Spanish Knowledge

¿Hablas español? Nowadays, it is often necessary to express yourself in a foreign language.

Being able to prove your language skills is just as important.

We would like to help you to get your DELE certificate and clarify any queries you may have. So we gathered all the necessary information about the DELE exam 2020: its levels, available dates and prices, past exam papers, preparation courses and much more.

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Speaking Spanish DELE

What Is the DELE Exam?

The Diplomas de Español como Lengua Extranjera (DELE) are official Spanish language proficiency diplomas, organized by the Instituto Cervantes and granted by the Spanish Ministry of Education, Culture and Sport.

First of all, what does DELE mean in Spanish and in English?

DELE stands for Diplomas de Español como Lengua Extranjera (Diplomas of Spanish as Foreign Language). It’s a worldwide recognized title of Spanish proficiency.

Since 2015 Spanish natives and learners alike can take part in it. Overall, it consists of four parts – reading, writing, listening and speaking. And you can take it in six different Spanish proficiency levels. That’s where it differs from other certificates.

Take for example the SIELE. It’s another Spanish diploma that you can obtain at the FU International Academy.

It’s assessed online with questions that gradually increase in difficulty. So rather than you choosing your overall level before, you’ll find it out in your results for each test area. Also, you don’t need to complete all sections of the test and can decide to simply take parts of it.

Do you only want to prove your listening and talking skills? That’s possible with the SIELE. However, in the end, the certificate is only valid for 2 years.

When taking the DELE exam, you need to decide on a specific level and take all four test areas together. In return, you get a diploma that’s valid for a lifetime.

But why should you go through all that trouble anyway? Let us tell you.

What Is the Instituto Cervantes?

The Instituto Cervantes (Cervantes Institute) is a worldwide non-profit organization, named after famous Spanish writer Miguel de Cervantes and set up in 1991 by the Spanish government to promote the teaching and study of the Spanish language and culture. 

Whenever you read about the DELE exam, you stumble across the Instituto Cervantes.

What is it though? Well, have you ever heard about Don Quixote?

He’s the protagonist in one of the most famous Spanish novels written by Miguel de Cervantes. The story recounts the adventures of “The Ingenious Nobleman Mister Don Quixote of La Mancha” on his journey to bring justice to the world.

Yes, that guy who mistook windmills for giants and ended up attacking them.

Don Quixote Cervantes

By Alena Grebneva (Own work; CC BY-SA 4.0 via Wikimedia Commons)

Anyway, the Instituto Cervantes is named after the author of this Spanish classic. That makes sense if you think about the fact that its main responsibility is to promote the Spanish language and culture around the world. It’s organizing Spanish courses, cultural activities and educates teachers on their newest methods and curricula.

Along with that, the Instituto Cervantes grants the DELE certificate on behalf of the Spanish Ministry for Education and Science. It creates and evaluates the exam in cooperation with the University of Salamanca.

Why Take the DELE Exam?

The main reasons for taking the DELE exam are:

  1. It is highly regarded by employers and universities.
  2. It is internationally recognized.
  3. It is a prerequisite for some university studies.
  4. It is valid for a lifetime.

The DELE is a highly regarded official title and will facilitate your access to the professional and academic world. It looks good on your CV if you want to work in a Spanish speaking country, and it’s an asset that can boost your income. In fact, for some organizations and universities, it is even compulsory to have this certificate in order to enter or enroll.

On top, it’s valid indefinitely or to put it in other words:

Once you get the DELE diploma you will have a qualification to
prove your Spanish skills for the rest of your life.

Maybe you’ve already been studying Spanish for a while and want to have an official document proving your skills?

Or are you planning a gap year in a Hispanic country and want to make the best of it?

Whatever it is for you. It’s time to register for the DELE exam!

Get ready for the exam. Join our DELE preparation course!

How to Register for the DELE Exam?

The preparation for the exam itself is already challenging. That’s why we want to ease your burden a bit and collected answers to all the administrative questions.

Since November 2015 there are actually no restrictions when it comes to nationality or age. You heard right, that means that even Spanish natives can take the exam.

In general, it’s cut out for test takers who are 16 years or older. In case you’re underage, your parents will have to handle the registration or you.

DELE Exam Registration

To register for an exam with us, each participant needs to create an account at the Instituto Cervantes website first. That’s the easiest way to check availability for specific exam dates and to sign up right away.

You’ll note quickly that the Instituto Cervantes is taking its mission to teach you Spanish seriously. Their whole site and the registration process is currently only available in Spanish.

It goes without saying that this may be quite confusing for a beginner who wants to pass the A2 DELE Diploma. So we took the liberty to break the steps down for you.

Head to the registration page of the Instituto Cervantes and follow the instructions below.

Make sure to enrol within the period of registration and to write down your account details. You’ll need them to get your results afterwards!

How to Register for the DELE Exam – Step by Step

Follow these steps:

  1. Create a New Account: The obligatory fields are your email address, name and surname, type of ID and its number, title, gender, birthdate, birthplace, birth country, nationality and your native language.
  2. Confirmation Mail: If everything works, you’ll receive a confirmation email.
  3. Confirm Email Address: Open the email in your inbox and click on the first link.
  4. Start your Session: Click on “Iniciar sesión”. Be aware that this works only one time.
  5. Create your Password: Create a good password and save it.
  6. Sign Up for a New Test: Go to “Mis inscripciones” and click on “Nueva inscripción”.
  7. Select Exam Location, Date and Level: To take your test at FU International Academy, select “España” as the country and “Tenerife” as the city.
  8. Check Availability and Register: Take a look which exams are available and choose the right one by clicking on “Inscribirse”.

Where to Take the DELE Exam?

You can also check out the dates and locations before signing up online.

Besides Spain, you can participate in the exam in over 100 countries. Take a look at the more than