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Eva Spanish language teacher

Hi, my name is Eva.

I would like to share with you all my knowledge and passion for one of my favourite classes, the DELE Preparation.

DELE stands for “Diploma de Español como Lengua Extranjera”. These are the internationally recognised official qualifications granted by Instituto Cervantes on behalf of the Spanish Ministry of Education.

We offer the DELE Preparation as a combination course of our “Intensive 20 Course plus 5 or 10 Private Lessons” or as private lessons only. 

From the very first time I started preparing students for the exams, I realised the importance of helping them develop all the necessary techniques and linguistic skills to face the exam with confidence. From that moment on, it became my main goal.

Teaching Method & Course Content

Based on the results of your level test, we’ll create a unique study programme for you.

Before starting your DELE Exam Preparation Course, we’ll ask you to take a level test to find out what your Spanish knowledge is.

Based on the results of your test, we’ll create a unique study programme, following our special FUIA teaching system, making sure we choose the right teaching materials and a wide variety of drills.

The content of the course is based on sample exams that will help you familiarise with the reading, writing, listening and oral structure of the tests.

We focus on rehearsing with topics and vocabulary that may appear in the different parts of the exam and work with you towards a common objective: passing the exam!

Ou Spanish levels

By taking our DELE Preparation Course, you will:

By taking our DELE Preparation Course, you will:

What Are the Advantages of Doing a DELE Preparation Course with Us?

dele exam structure
  • We will advise you on the exam that best suits your level, based on a pre-course test (take your test here.)

  • We can prepare you for any of the six different levels of the DELE exams (A1, A2,B1, B2, C1, C2 as described by the CEFRL).

  • You could get prepared AND take the DELE exam at our centre.

  • All our teachers are experienced and officially accredited DELE examiners.

  • We will help you with the registration process for the DELE exam if needed.

  • We have a 90% pass rate!

Our DELE Spanish Preparation Course at a Glance

Our DELE Spanish Preparation Course at a Glance

Look at What Others Say about Our DELE Preparation Classes

95 out of 100 participants of our preparation classes pass the DELE exam.

alja student of business spanish course

“My impression of the course was fantastic, the school is highly recommendable. To learn Spanish and prepare for the DELE exam on such a beautiful island is awesome. Of course I passed the DELE exam too ;-)”

– Alja (Slovenia)

“In spring 2016, I took a few weeks of DELE preparation courses with Daphne in Puerto de la Cruz. It was a very pleasant experience and I learned a lot! The classes were very well organized with all kinds of exercises. I went perfectly prepared to the DELE exam, which I passed without any problems. The school is very nice, with friendly staff, a great cafeteria, places to work and fast internet. I loved Puerto de la Cruz, as it offers many activities, for example surfing. I would recommend it to anyone!”

– Alex (Switzerland)

kathrina student of business spanish course

“The classes with Pilar were fantastic. That was exactly what I needed to be more confident during the DELE exam. As there are so many pitfalls in the exam questions I don’t think that I would have passed with the preparation course.”

– Kathrina (Germany)

Prices and Booking

Book the combination course with our Intensive 20 Group Course + 5 or 10 DELE lessons or as Private Lessons only.

The DELE Preparation Course content during a combination course will be given during the 5 or 10 specific private lessons (1 or 2 hours each day right after the intensive group course).

Individual exam preparation lessons can be booked if you are already confident in your Spanish level.

Either way we prepare you to take the DELE exam with confidence.


DELE Preparation I20 + 5 One to One

3471st to 3rd week
  • Intensive 20+5 one to one lessons/week
  • Extra week: €330

DELE Preparation I20 + 10 One to One

5271st to 3rd week
  • Intensive 20+10 one to one lessons/week
  • Extra week: €510

DELE One to One

36per lesson
  • min. 10 lessons

DELE One to Two

46per lesson
  • min. 10 lessons

+ €45 registration fee


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