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Thursday 11th

– 6.30 pm, in Ravelo: Transfer of the crosses of its chapels to the church. Afterwards, religious performance.

– 8.30 pm., at IES Sabino Berthelot: Gala of Election of Romera Mayor of Ravelo, with the choreographic group Crew of Dreams, the humorist Yeray Días and Pepe Benavente. Ticket 2 €.

Friday 12th

– 9.30 pm, at IES Sabino Berthelot: Gala de Reina, with performances by Jesús Farrais, Grupo Milenium, Dance Angel´s, choreographic group of Noemí and the choreographic group of La Vica. Ticket 3 €. Afterwards, in the square, open-air performance show with Wamampy.

Saturday 13th

– 8.30 pm, at the IES Sabino Berthelot: Children’s Gala, with performances by Alis, Micky Show, Superheroes show, Dance Angel´s, Noemi’s choreographic group and La Vica’s choreographic group. Ticket 2 €. Afterwards, in the square, open-air dance performance with Sonora Olimpia and Son Sabor.

Sunday 14th

– 11.00 am, in Plaza de Ravelo: Carriages decorated. Then, in the square, street party with the group La Calle.

Monday 15th, Tuesday 16th and Wednesday 17th.

4.00 pm, Ravelo square: Leisure activities.

Thursday 18th

– 4.00 pm, in Ravelo square: Leisure activities.

– 9.00 pm, in Ravelo square: Noche Joven with DJ and Salsa Group.

Friday 19th

– 9.00 pm, in Ravelo square: Canarian festival. Afterwards, an open-air performance with the GeneraSión orchestra.

Saturday 20th

– 9.00 pm, at IES Sabino Berthelot in Ravelo: Folklore Festival. Afterwards, in the square, open-air performance with Proyecto Joven and the Kadetes group.

Sunday 21st

– 6.00 pm, Ravelo Square: Variety Festival.

– 8.00 pm, in the church of Ravelo: Mass, procession, and fireworks.

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