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Hi, I’m Alberto.

I’m one of the Spanish online tutors at FUIA.

Are you thinking of starting to learn Spanish? Or have you been learning for years and you’re not quite fluent yet? No problem, we can help!

Our general Spanish online classes adapt to your level!

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Course Content

General Spanish Online Classes

Before your first Spanish online lesson, you’ll do a placement test to identify your exact Spanish level (out of 48 different levels, check graphic below).

Based on the results of your level test and your learning preferences, we’ll only select course content that’s relevant to you.

Getting our students engaged with the learning material is one of our key focuses here at FU International Academy Tenerife. To help our students learn effectively we use the flipped classroom approach in all of our Spanish online classes. This method means that our students complete all the preparation exercises before their classes. The classroom is used only for practice and deepening your understanding through interaction with your native teacher, rather than completing exercises you can do in your own time.

We’ve chosen this course style because it makes all of our classes much more interactive and communicative. Our teachers support your learning throughout a course and are available to answer any questions you might be struggling with. After your classes, you’ll receive extra study materials to help reinforce your learning.

For our general Spanish online classes, we use the latest technology, a virtual classroom platform to give you the best learning experience possible!

Student of general Spanish online class

Our FUIA Teaching Method

Based on the results of your level test, we’ll create the most suitable course programme for you.

Spanish Levels
  • We have developed a unique 48 level teaching system.

  • Here at FUIA the typical 6 levels of Spanish (A1, A2, B1, B2, C1, C2) are divided into smaller sub-levels (A1.1, A.1.2, A1.3, etc.).

  • Our placement test provides us with your exact knowledge of Spanish according to our level system.

  • This allows us to adapt our Spanish classes to meet your needs.

  • Our Spanish teaching method has been developed and constantly improved by our teaching team over the years.

  • Find out more about our FUIA Spanish teaching method.

Our Private Online Spanish Lessons are the Most Efficient Way to Master Spanish!

Tailor-Made Tuition (Special Spanish Classes)

We can adapt the private classes to your needs – if you want to learn Spanish for a specific purpose such as study, work, business Spanish or Spanish for tourism, we can prepare personalised content for you. The minimum for tailor-made tuition is A2.

Our online tutors don’t bite! All of our teachers are very friendly so your conversations will be completely genuine and natural. This means you’ll progress at the perfect speed for optimal results, just as if you were living in Spain!

Our Spanish teachers