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Looking For a Spanish Course in an All Year-Round Sunny Destination?

No need to wait! Our intensive courses are the perfect choice for you.

New courses begin every Monday.

Total beginners start on the first and third Monday of every month.

Choose the duration of your course from 1 week up to 48 weeks.

Whatever your needs, for study, for work or for travelling, we help you learn and/or improve your Spanish in the fastest and most convenient way possible.

Course Content

Choose Your Spanish Intensive Course

Course Content

Choose Your Spanish Intensive Course

Combine Your Intensive Spanish Course

With some fun activities or specific extra tuition!

I20 + Sports

Spanish and Sports

I20 + Spanish for Tourism


I20 + Business Spanish

Business Spanish

I20 + DELE Preparation

DELE Exam Preparation

I20 + SIELE Preparation

SIELE Preparation

I20 as Long Term Course

Long Term Spanish Course

Our FUIA Spanish Teaching Method

All our intensive Spanish courses are based on our unique level system.

Our Spanish levels

In line with your previous knowledge of Spanish, each week you could start on one of the levels on the right.

We make sure that every student reaches a new level at the end of every week. In order to reach that goal, we use our own Spanish teaching method.

The teaching method

Our aim is communication and we focus on the students.

Our lessons are fun and challenging and you’ll learn in a unique relaxed environment.

Most of us teachers have been working for the FU International Academy Tenerife for more than 5 years. We all love the FUIA teaching method that has been developed and improved by our teaching team over the years with proven results.

Spanish Levels

Spanish Intensive Courses at a Glance