4 Ways to Learn Business Spanish Online Quickly and Efficiently + 2 Bonuses

Tired of seeing yourself speaking Spanish like a pro, but actually not being able to sell yourself or your products, or able to interact in a business conversation? Yeah, we know that feeling. You learned a few words, here and there, enough to make yourself understood, but not enough to convince others in an eloquent way. Lucky you! We have something for you: 4 ways to learn business Spanish to turn your dreams into reality!

1. Six Business Spanish lessons on YouTube

Six Business Spanish lessons on YouTube

How to write a cover letter in Spanish

First, before the job interview, you have to put your writing skills to the test, to convince the company to hire you. But we all know that depending on the country, the content and style can differ. Here’s why this video will be useful for you: you will see how to structure your cover letter, which elements to highlight, and you will learn exactly how to write an efficient cover letter.

The YouTube video is 17 minutes long, and entirely in Spanish. Double benefit, you will be improving your professional writing skills along with your understanding of Spanish.

How to write a professional email or professional letter

Following on from the cover letter, another important point is to master writing professional emails or letters regardless of the aim. You might find yourself in a position where you will have to interact through email to ask or provide further information. So here are two videos from the same teacher, Reyes.

Both are more than 10 minutes long, and both give you important details on how to structure this kind of formal writing. You will learn the important elements that should appear in both formal emails or letters, the right way to structure the writing, and the vocabulary.

How to succeed a job interview

The critical step before actually entering the professional world is the job interview. Already a challenge in your mother tongue, job interviews in Spanish get a bit more challenging. You will have to know how to present yourself, and how to do so in Spanish. Therefore, here are two classes to help you.

In the first video, 14 minutes long, is about how to present yourself in a positive way. Reyes, the teacher, provides you with all you need to know to do so in the best way possible. He stages a boss and an employee to give context to his teaching. The class is in Spanish, but since it is a YouTube video, you can turn on the translations.

The second YouTube video is almost 18 minutes long and is also entirely in Spanish. It is a role-playing of a job interview in Spanish, then she gives you all the possible options to answer the questions of the interviewer. This video is a great addition to the first one since it puts the previous teachings into application. Here, the teacher gets to the heart of the topic by putting the teachings in perspective.

How to speak of work and/or business

Once you’ve applied, and got the job (felicidades!), you will have to interact with your colleagues about work. So you will need to know and use specific words and verbs. Guess what! We found 3 classes that will provide you with all you need. From the essentials to the specifics.

The first video will give you the key phrases to speak about work. So you will be able to present yourself within the professional environment. Your position within the unit you work in, etc…

The second one provides you with all the necessary vocabulary needed to talk about your tasks and the things you need to do at work. The video contains more specific content and will allow you to expand your vocabulary.

Last but not least, the third video is focused on business-related topics such as contracts, description of charts in Spanish, and description of a company. A short but condensed video where you can learn to express yourself correctly.

How to negotiate in Spanish

Negotiation is a huge part of our daily lives since interacting with people also means to debate, and therefore to agree or disagree but with the capacity to find a win-win situation.

The same applies to professional life. It could be to negotiate over professional opportunities and incomes, or over the costs and the way things will be carried out. In this perspective, we found two YouTube videos of the teacher Reyes, both in Spanish of course.

In the first one, he tackles the question of agreements and disagreements. This video is very useful to know how to express yourself in each of these situations. In the second one, it is a question of proper negotiation mainly in trade, but can be extended to any other area where negotiation is needed.

Business Spanish dialogue

If you want to put into practice what you learned, or if you already know enough to understand a business conversation you will like the two following YouTube videos we found. The first video is a short business dialogue, slow enough to understand clearly what is being said. The dialogue stages a business meeting in Spanish.

In the second video “Learn Spanish Business Language in 45 minutes” you will find a compilation of 5 videos. However, 2 of them (the longest) are very interesting and better to improve your business Spanish skills since they are interactive exercises with dialogues.

2. Five YouTube Channel with Business Spanish Podcasts

Five YouTube Channel Business Spanish Podcasts

Here’s a good technique to broaden your vocabulary in the business field, and improve both your oral comprehension and your capacity to speak. The format of Podcasts videos means you get to really explore the vocabulary regarding one specific topic. You can rewind, pause, and basically listen to one podcast as much as you want until you fully understand it.

However, this option is not recommended for total beginners since you need to understand what it is about. Also, because we know that business is a very large topic, we selected 4 YouTube channels, and 1 playlist full of podcasts on business in Spanish.

You will improve your business language capacity and expand your knowledge in digital marketing. Four channels, four points of view, four ways of expressing the content in Spanish.

3. Six business blogs, newspapers and radio in Spanish

Six business blogs, newspapers and radio Spanish

One of the other ways to improve your business Spanish is definitely to read! You will learn very specific vocabulary and structures, and learn about the subjects you will be reading about.

  • Diario negocio is a blog which covers a wide range of business topics, from management to marketing and economics.
  • Expansión is a proper business newspaper where you will find several articles on finance, legal subjects, economics, employment and all that kind of topics.
  • El economista is like Expansión, but focuses more on the companies. Therefore, you will find articles on companies, and all the internal functions of a company, but also finance and economics.
  • Revista economia is an online magazine which is much more accessible to intermediate learners since it is less specific, compared to El economista or Expansión. This magazine focuses on business news,  management, and tourism. But you can find financial related articles too.
  • Capital radio is a business radio. Like Revista Economia, you will find content on many topics related to business. The plus with Capita Radio is that it is an all in one solution. You have access to articles, programs, and podcasts
  • Emprender facil is an online radio which covers business as a whole since it is aimed at people who want to launch their own company. And who will be in charge and who will have to be in charge of all the aspects of it in the beginning.

4. Take FU International Academy Business Spanish online classes

FU International Academy Business Spanish online classes

If you want a complete solution to master business Spanish in a way that suits your personal needs. Well, you can take our business Spanish class online, or come here to Tenerife.

Whether you are a beginner, intermediate, or advanced, we can provide you with the teachings you need.

The business Spanish course is composed of 20 intense general Spanish group lessons, and 5 or 10 individual business Spanish lessons per week. You will be offered workbooks containing a DVD depending on the language level. We work with the books “Socios” from A1 to B1 level, and with “Expertos” for B2 level.

The content of our classes (by level)

  • A1 & A2: present yourself, the company, the hierarchy, the different jobs within the company, places to work or live in, the planning, the meetings, products, and projects, business trips, education and experience, keys of success.
  • B1: the colleagues, travels, and experiences, talk about past and present products, the norms within the company, money, trade fairs and holidays, internet, commercial exchanges, advertisement strategy, insurances, presentations and conferences, congratulations and send-offs.
  • B2: immediate incorporation, team meetings, transfer in another country, exportation, launching a company, finance, time management, production, and manufacturing.

You can take the business Spanish classes for as long as you want. If you choose the online option, we will make sure to match your schedule as much as possible. However, if you decide to join us at FU International Academy, in sunny Tenerife, then you will make the most out of your business Spanish classes.

Plus, you will also be able to join our leisure activities in the afternoon. For those of you who have work to do, then you will be able to access our coworking space, and enjoy the island afterwards! It’s totally up to you!

We don’t want you to leave empty-handed so we prepared you two bonuses. One of which you will actually have as a gift.

Check out our Business Spanish classes

Your two bonuses!