The 11 Best Apps and Websites to Learn Spanish in 2019

Our Guide to Help You Find the Best Platform to Learn Spanish

Here at FU International Academy Tenerife we know the best way to learn Spanish is to study in a Spanish speaking country. You can learn in the classroom and then practice your skills with the locals. Coming away with a much higher Spanish level and great conversational skills.

However, we also know that you might not be able to fit time away into your busy schedule. So we are going to give you the next best thing, 11 Apps and websites you can use to start learning Spanish today, without leaving the comfort of your own home.

Learning Spanish online allows you to fit your studies around your daily life and accelerates your progress. Some Apps and websites you can even use for free!

All you need is an internet connection and a computer. The other great part of being able to learn Spanish with Apps and online platforms is being able to choose when and where you study.

Top 5 Apps and Websites to Learn Spanish for Free

If you want to learn Spanish without forking out any money whatsoever, we can help! You won’t get personalised learning in the same way, but it’s a great place to start! You can use these free Spanish learning Apps and websites as a starting point and when you’re more advanced use them alongside a premium service to supplement your learning.

The champion of the Language Apps.

Launched in 2011, Duolingo has now over 200 million daily users and it’s the most downloaded education application of all time. With 68 language courses it is really a stand out free app.

Duolingo’s newest feature lets you talk and practice real-time with language bots which is definitely the start of a new movement when it comes to Spanish language apps.

Available as an online programme or a smartphone app, this versatile application has a lot to offer. You can also find Duolingo’s free podcasts on most podcast apps. These are particularly good because they are stories from native Spanish speakers which are narrated in English. Which means you can keep on track with what’s happening in the story even if you don’t understand every word of the Spanish.


  • Part of Duolingo’s success lays in its’ design. The cartoon characters and objects are without a doubt charming and enjoyable.
  • Game or language course? The duration of these little classes are no more than 10 minutes each, meaning it’s easy to follow through.
  • Skill levels, day streak, levelling up, fluency meter, etc. makes you want to go further.
  • Bonus lessons:
    • Flirting and pick up lines (You’ve read it right)
    • Idioms and Proverbs
    • Christmas / seasonal bonuses


  • Recently added so-called Lingots, Duolingo’s new online currency, and the new health bar can set you down for hours until it fills back up. However, Duo offers a 9,99$ / monthly fee to remove all advertisements, and to be able to download lessons for offline use.
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Learn with Memrise

Memrise is The Spanish vocabulary app. Each lesson helps you learn around 15 words, and with consistency, you can build a huge vocabulary empire. Memrise makes learning a game, in a similar way to Duolingo.

The words also come with complete sentences which makes it much more than a one-sided monotone dictionary. The uniqueness of Memrise as a Spanish learning app lies in the variety of the courses, as you can also create your own course.

You can also learn different types of Spanish. You may have already experienced just how much Spanish can differ depending on where you are. Headed on holiday to South America? Or off to mainland Spain? Memrise has you covered.


  • Diversity of courses
  • Entertaining phrases and explanations
  • Play and compete with friends
  • Good design
  • Available on mobiles too


  • Some courses can be better quality than others
  • This type of App is only really useful if you can commit to using it everyday
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Learn with Todo Claro

This one is a useful tool if you’re looking for a free website. It has lots of resources to help you practice your learning like gap-fill worksheets and other useful tools like the verb conjugator, but it is a little outdated compared to some of the other services available. Considering it is a free service it’s a good website for learning Spanish online.

Todo-claro has a range of levels available and can also be viewed in English, German, French, Spanish or Portuguese.


  • Todo-claro offers a wide range of language levels
  • Great vocabulary practice and useful word conjugation


  • Outdated site and design
  • Only exercises provided, no explanations
  • Lack of updates
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Curso de español has plenty to offer as a education website. With over 500 A4 pages of grammar, articles, plurals, verbs, irregular verbs, pronouns it is definitely a great free resource to support your experience of learning Spanish online. It’s a slightly outdated platform but for a free tool it’s still very helpful.

With live video voice chat, discussion forum, exercises on all aspects of grammar and listening comprehension the website might come handy, but it has its downsides too. It heavily relies on self-study only, no data on different levels and without a manual for beginners. It’s more suitable for advanced students as a practice tool.


  • Music, poems and stories with translation
  • Spanish songs with lyrics to read along with translation
  • Virtual walks through different cities with displayed Spanish text


  • No tutor
  • Outdated layout and videos, sometimes bad sound quality
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Busuu is a great option if you’re torn between a paid or free website.

You can have basic membership for free and for your first week you have access to some of the advanced features. After that you can carry on with the free version or upgrade to a subscription.

The extra content like access to the podcasts are great but it’s a really useful learning platform even without the paid features. One particular benefit of subscribing is the comprehensive grammar lessons, so if that’s what you need to focus on it’s worth paying the monthly fee.

Busuu uses pictures and audio files to help train your vocabulary. There are also useful resources for text comprehension, focusing on understanding dialogues to improve your Spanish.

The stand out feature:

Busuu offers the opportunity to interact with other users and native speakers, to exchange and correct the text that was written in a writing exercise.

The learning language levels range from A1 to B2.


  • It’s an easy to use service
  • Being able to talk to other learners and get into contact with native speakers really makes this one a great website to learn Spanish.
  • Busuu give you great conversation practice however, it is typed and not really speaking but it’s still a useful tool!


  • No tutor
  • Outdated layout and videos, sometimes bad sound quality
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The 6 Best paid Apps and Websites to Learn Spanish

Learn with Lingorilla

What makes Lingorilla stand out?

Lingorilla is a video based learning platform, which is what separates it from other applications in the world of education. They mostly specialise in interactive lessons which is perfect if you learn more by getting involved. Lingorilla provides native speakers to help you progress at a fast pace.

A single course includes 20 video lessons with everyday dialogues and situations.


  • Grammar topics explained in more engaging video format
  • Interactive exercises and learning games like Videoquizz and Cloze
  • Integrated online dictionary available
  • Learning materials are downloadable
  • Glossary
  • Learning through interactivity helps you to stay focused and enhances your comprehension


  • The video lessons are not optimized to fit the exercises, so often you have to search for the matching exercise. In addition, the explanations for the exercises are only available in Spanish, which may be very difficult for beginners.
  • Pronunciation also can only be partially trained because there is no automatic speech recognition in the exercises.
    Outdated design


3 months: € 59.57;  € 19.99 / month
6 months: € 89.94;  € 14.99 / month

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Babbel is a premium, subscription-based language learning app, offering 14 different languages. From beginner to intermediate, designed for everyone.

Its name comes from the biblical Tower of Babel, Babel was claimed as “the most innovative company in education” in 2016.

What’s more

They’ve even coined their own ’Babel method’ which sets them apart from other language learning apps/courses. You can try their first lesson free to see if this is the Spanish language app for you.


  • Babbel focuses on long-term retention, reintroducing words and phrases periodically.
  • Real voices of native speakers, plus their speech recognition technology.
  • Choose from wide range of topics like business, food e.t.c.
  • Easy-to-understand grammar tips
  • Review Manager, with review sessions
  • After the fee you feel more committed


  • Courses only available up to an intermediate level


1 month: 9.95 € / month
3 months: € 19.95; € 6.65 / month
6 months: € 33.30; € 5.55 / month
12 months: € 59.40; € 4.95 / month

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Learn with Lengalia

Lengalia has to be one of the most outstanding websites to use for learning Spanish. With numerous ways of learning and getting a certificate to celebrate your achievement, it’s a valuable platform.

Spanish courses from A0 (for complete beginners before A1)  to C2, live tutor features, podcasts to listen to, a virtual teacher who helps with all the explanations, language exchange, the list goes on.

You also have the freedom, to choose your topics. Lengalia has every day Spanish for travel, business Spanish and podcasts. So you can really personalise your learning to suit your needs.


  • Diversity of the topics you can study
  • Voice recorder – to compare your Spanish to native speakers
  • Podcasts
  • Virtual teacher
  • Verb conjugator
  • Online translator
  • Language exchange
  • Certification upon completion


  • For the long term courses, Lengalia is good value for money however, if you only want to study for a few months there are cheaper options available.


All in flat-rate for 12 months: € 4,99 / month, total: 59,99
It includes: 23 Spanish courses: all courses, 8 learning tools, live tutor, podcasts videos
1 month € 29,99
3 months € 19.99 / month, total: € 59.99
It includes 1 Spanish course, 8 learning tools, live tutor

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Learn with Fluencia

Fluencia is different because it’s a Cloud-based learning program. Which means you can access it from your phone or desktop easily. However, it is not available as an application for your smartphone. As a Spanish language course, it also provides learning with pictures, translations and audio. Registration and your first 15 lessons are free.

Why pick Fluencia?

Their biggest strength is the SmartReview feature, which is their adaptive learning technology. So, after several lessons you are given a review lesson which allows you to focus on your weakest words. This is useful for reinforcing your learning.


  • Repetitive method: SmartReview
  • Feedback system: with all the mistakes and corrections
  • Goal oriented: you can set reminders to stay on track


  • You will need to practice with a native speaker to improve your oral spanish skills.
  • You might also find it helpful to listen to podcasts as well as using this programme.


$ 14.95 / month

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MosaLingua holds a very high ranking when it comes to Spanish language apps. Most of its success –we think- lies in its structure. Loads of sub-categories, variety and levels from beginner to advanced.

The one feature that stands out the most however, is their SRS – Spaced Repetition System. Sounds cosmic right? It just means it will keep you on track and enhance your long term memory.

All the audio recordings are done by native speakers, so you can’t go wrong with the pronunciation.


  • Listen to dialogues, track your progress
  • Explore topics that you desire freely
  • Hands free mode, speak only
  • Flashcards are an efficient way of learning
  • Available on mobile devices too


  • You have to stick to the schedule it provides you, meaning it’s really not a good platform for cramming before a test or a trip abroad.
  • This is a good service for a little studying every day but if you want to study less days for longer, there are better platforms.


Price: $4.99 for iOS and $5.99 on Google Play
15 free trial, then $59.99 for a year on desktop

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Learn Spanish with Instituto Cervantes

If you want a quality website to help you learn Spanish, then why not go for the DELE examiners themselves?

Each course covers a few topics and takes around 10 hours to complete. The A1 level only has around 6 courses but there are more with each level. This is a great learning platform if you’re considering going for the DELE exam, after all it’s the Instituto Cervantes syllabus.

This course isn’t decked out in all the bells and whistles like some of the more entertaining apps, but the classes are very informative and give you exactly what you need for each level. The best way to use this Spanish language course is to practice and learn at home and then find native Spanish speakers to practice your learning. You can also enrol in their online course which has the option to Skype with a native Spanish tutor.


  • A useful platform for learning before an upcoming exam
  • Great for anyone with traditional learning styles


  • Not as modern and fun as some of the available Spanish language apps.
  • Great resources for people studying at a higher level however, if you are a complete beginner then it maybe be worth starting with a simpler platform and working your way up to this one.


20€ per 10-hour course.

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Learning Spanish with apps and websites is a great way to build up your skills and vocabulary. And there are many great platforms which can help support you in your quest.

But there’s always something missing. Actually the most important part of learning a language.

To really learn Spanish you need to practice speaking it!

To fill this gap we highly recommend you taking some Spanish conversational classes with native teachers.

At FU International Academy we’re offering the best of both worlds, conversational online classes with native Spanish tutors.

By speaking with our teachers who are all certificated professionals you can learn Spanish in the best way possible, all from the comfort of your own home.

Find out more about how you can become fluent with our Spanish conversational online classes.

Learn Spanish Online at home

If you’re looking for a complete course then our general Spanish courses online from the FU International Academy Tenerife are perfect for you.

Whatever your reason for choosing to learn Spanish, we can help!

We’ll give you a placement test to assess your level and then our native Spanish tutors will tailor courses to suit your needs, whether that be for business, tourism or preparing for an exam. All courses will be designed according to our own FU System with 48 different Spanish levels. Each class will focus on you and exactly the areas you need to improve to reach the next level.

We use up to date teaching material and the best virtual softwares to give you the classroom experience from your own home. All our classes are communicative and interactive, so you can have fun while you learn Spanish!

FU International Academy is an Instituto Cervantes accredited school with 18 years of experience in teaching, so you can trust you will get the highest quality Spanish course.

Our general online classes can help you to reach the Spanish level you want.

Sign up for our Spanish online classes
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