How to Find the Best Platforms to Learn Spanish

So, you dream about learning Spanish. 

You started looking for options on the internet, only to end up feeling overwhelmed and not really knowing where to start. Maybe you already understand the basics of Spanish, but haven’t had the chance to practice and improve your level.

Well, here at FU International Academy Tenerife we know that the best way to learn Spanish is to actually study in a Spanish speaking country. You can learn in the classroom and then practice your skills with the locals.  Meaning you will leave with not only stronger Spanish conversational skills but also an understanding of Spanish culture. 

However, we also know that you might not be able to find the time in your busy schedule. So we’re giving you the best solution that fits your needs. We’ve picked the top 11 apps and websites you can use to start learning Spanish today, without leaving the comfort of your own home.

Learning Spanish with apps and online platforms has the convenience of choosing when, and where to study. All you need is an internet connection, a computer or smartphone! This allows you to fit your language studies with your daily life and progress your skills faster. Some apps and websites you can even use for FREE. 

You won’t get personalized learning in the same way, but it’s a great place to start. You can use some of these free Spanish learning apps and websites as a starting point or use them alongside a premium service to supplement your learning.

To choose which platform best suits you, check out our detailed comparison plus the infographic below. We have researched and tested different resources to help you assess which app or website to pick based on your level. So no matter which of the key Spanish skills you’d like to improve: writing, listening, speaking, spelling, reading, grammar, or vocabulary, we’re here to help!

Best 11 Apps and Websites to Learn Spanish

Best apps and websites to learn spanish online

Our team researched and analyzed in detail these apps and websites having in mind different levels of learners, including mostly the different skills involved in Spanish learning. Here’s what we think about each one of them.

1. Duolingo


The champion of the language apps.

Launched in 2011, Duolingo has now over 300 million daily users (2019) and it’s the most downloaded education application of all time. With 68 language courses, it is for sure a stand out free app.

Its user-friendly interface and the highly engaging system make it a good introductory app for first-time learners, allowing beginners to be exposed to a good amount of vocabulary regarding different topics. The wide array of levels makes it useful if you’re an intermediate learner: various drills and exercises can help you to learn the construction of correct phrases in the Spanish language.

Also, a new feature allows you to talk and practice in real-time with language bots. This is definitely a fresh way to learn through a language app, imagine practicing your Spanish with a virtual language pal whenever you want, with no pressure!

If you want to develop your listening skills, you can also find Duolingo’s free podcasts through most podcast apps. These bilingual episodes are particularly great for improving your comprehension in Spanish. They feature real-life stories from native Spanish speakers, narrated in English, allowing you to keep on track with what’s happening in the story.


  • Great design, entertaining and enjoyable
  • Short classes: no more than 10 minutes each
  • Gamified learning system (skill levels, day streak, leveling up, fluency meter, etc.) keeps you engaged and makes you want to go further
  • Bonus lessons:
    • Flirting and pick up lines (you’ve read it right)
    • Idioms and proverbs
    • Christmas / seasonal bonuses


  • Mostly good for beginners, not suitable for serious learners
  • No proper grammatical explanations, you’re supposed to learn intuitively
  • Not specialized in Spanish, standardized procedures for 68 languages


9.99 / month 

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2. Memrise


Memrise is THE language vocabulary app. Each lesson helps you learn around 15 words, and with consistency, you can build a huge vocabulary arsenal. Memrise makes learning a game, in a similar way to Duolingo.

The words also come with complete sentences which makes it much more than a one-sided monotone dictionary. The uniqueness of Memrise as a Spanish learning app, lies in the variety of the courses, as you can also create your own course.

Clips with native speakers in different contexts and funny situations are quite fun to watch. They also allow you to sharpen your comprehension skills and get used to different types of Spanish. You may have already experienced how much Spanish can differ depending on where you are. Headed on holiday to South America? Or off to mainland Spain? Memrise has you covered.


  • Diversity of courses and topics
  • Entertaining phrases and explanations
  • Play and compete with friends
  • Great user interface


  • Weak grammatical explanations
  • Some courses can be better quality than others
  • Only useful if you commit to using it every day
  • Not specialized in Spanish


€ 47.01 / year

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3. Busuu


Busuu is a great option between a paid and a free platform.

The app includes comprehensive grammatical lessons alongside with very useful exercises that not only can help beginners to gain a solid foundation for good Spanish grammar. But can also potentially help intermediate learners to achieve the next level of Spanish proficiency.

Busuu uses a wide variety of pictures and audio files to help you expand your vocabulary. It has plenty of useful resources for text comprehension, allowing you to focus on understanding dialogues to further improve your familiarity with the language. 

It also offers the opportunity to interact with other users and native speakers, to exchange and correct your written exercises. The language learning levels range from A1 to B2.

There is extra premium content like podcasts, but regardless of the paid features, it’s a really useful platform for learning Spanish. You can have basic membership for free and for your first week you will have access to some of the advanced features. After that, you can decide whether to carry on with the free version or upgrade to a subscription.


  • Very easy to use and quite engaging
  • Good quality and a wide variety of topics
  • Possibility to talk to other learners
  • Possibility to contact native speakers, even though just through chat 


  • No tutor
  • Need to pay for a premium to be able to continue with your progress

Premium Price:

€ 29.97 / 3 months
€ 69.96 / 1 year
€ 129.84 / 2 years

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4. MosaLingua


MosaLingua holds a good ranking when it comes to Spanish language apps. Most of its success, in our opinion, lies in its structure. There are loads of sub-categories, variety and levels from beginner to advanced.

Depending on your learning style, this app might be very effective for you. The feature that stands out the most with this app is its flashcard tool, the SRS – Spaced Repetition System. Sounds cosmic right? 

Well, the app has a built-in list of flashcards you can choose from that will allow you to progress and keep on track, enhancing your long term memory when it comes to useful words and phrases you want to learn. In fact, these cards contain audio recordings by native speakers, so you can’t go wrong with the pronunciation. Additionally, there’s an option to browse and learn about Spanish grammar rules if you’re looking for further clarifications.

Unfortunately, the free content in this app is quite limited. But if MosaLingua’s system is something that could be effective for you, you should consider buying the full app to unlock the other levels.


  • Explore topics that you desire freely
  • Hands-free mode, speak only
  • Flashcards are an efficient way of learning
  • No invasive push notifications


  • Not recommended for cramming before a test or a trip abroad
  • Good service for a bit of studying every day but there are better platforms for longer periods
  • Very limited free content

Premium Price:

4.99 on iOS
€ 5.49 on Google Play
59.90 / year on website wi