Learn Spanish Online!

Learning Spanish from the Comfort of home or On the go? Yes!

The 9 Best Platforms to Learn Spanish Online

The idea of learning a language online seemed strange at first for most of us as we entered the internet age. But in schools today, the usage of books to learn vocabulary and grammar has decreased dramatically. A new movement has started where you can learn a new language from the comfort of your home.

So if we had to pick one, which would it be? One language that is becoming more and more important with a constantly increasing demand is Spanish.

Learn Spanish Online!

Spanish is the language that is becoming more and more important both in the U.S. and Europe. It’s even suspected that Spanish will overtake English by 2050 based on the growing number of speakers every year. For this reason, it is now more important than ever to learn Spanish. Spanish is an international language spoken by more than 500 million people around the world and it is the third most spoken language and the official language in 21 countries.

We have collected 9 of the best platforms to learn Spanish for you, to have a solid starting point.  There’s a lot of them, though.

What are the benefits of online Spanish courses?

Learning a language online means enjoying working from home and saving time and money. All you need is an Internet connection and a computer. Time and place are your choice. The first requirement is flexibility. Learning a language online means you can customize your own learning pace. You also have the opportunity to be in constant contact with a tutor and obtain individual feedback.

Again, a quick summary of the benefits of learning Spanish online:

  • Spatial and temporal flexibility and saving money
  • Individualised learning
  • Multimedia learning with text, image, sound, video and animation

Learn Spanish Online with Paid Platforms:

The Offer:

Vocabulary training with the help of pictures and audio files. Premium Members have access to more example sentences.

Text comprehension is checked based on reading dialogues and answering multiple-choice questions. Premium Members have the opportunity to listen to the dialogues.

Busuu offers the opportunity to interact with other users and native speakers, to exchange and correct the text that was written in a writing exercise.

Through video chat, acquired language skills can be directly applied in practice.

At the end, a short quiz checks the acquired knowledge.

Only Premium Members have the option to print out PDF files with all the grammar and learning units. Also, the podcasts are only available to Premium Members.

The learning language levels range from A1 to B2.


The Basic Membership is free. The costs for the Premium Membership are:

  • 1 month: € 14,99
  • 6 months: € 59,99
  • 12 months: € 69.99
  • 24 months: € 119.99
Learn with Lingorilla

The Offer:

At first, you do not have access to all Spanish courses. After 4 months it is possible to fully access to the entire range of languages.

  • A single course includes 20 video lessons with everyday dialogues and situations.
  • Grammar topics explained in video format.
  • Interactive exercises and learning games like Videoquizz and Cloze.
  • Integrated online dictionary is offered.
  • Learning materials can be downloaded.
  • Glossary

The learning language levels range from A1 to B1, beginner to intermediate.

The Disadvantage of Lingorilla:

The video lessons are not optimized to fit the exercises, so often you have to search for the matching exercise. In addition, the explanations for the exercises are only available in Spanish, which may be very difficult for beginners.

Pronunciation also can only be partially trained because there is no automatic speech recognition in the exercises.


  • 3 months: € 59.57; € 19.99 / month
  • 6 months: € 89.94; € 14.99 / month
  • 12 months: € 119.88; € 9.99 / month

The Offer:

Registration and the first lesson is free.

  • Integrated speech recognition trains your Spanish pronunciation.
  • Basic and advanced vocabulary training; a Spanish vocabulary trainer is also available as an app for your smartphone.
  • Grammar explanations and exercises
  • Training in oral and written expression
  • Practice listening and reading comprehension

Babbel’s offer includes introductory and intermediate courses up to B1.


  • 1 month: € 9,95 / month
  • 3 months: € 19.95; € 6.65 / month
  • 6 months: € 33.30; € 5.55 / month
  • 12 months: € 59.40; € 4.95 / month
Learn with Fluencia

The Offer:

  • Interactive exercises; you can communicate in real Spanish conversations.
  • Repetition method called SmartReview; you can memorize what you´ve learned.
  • Feedback system; with all the mistakes and corrections highlighted
  • Goal orientation; you can set reminders so that you stay on track.

The learning language levels range from beginner to advanced.

Price:  $ 14.95 / month

Learn Spanish fast with Fluencia!

Learn with Lengalia

The Offer:

  • Live Tutor: Email service around the clock and live Skype Monday through Friday from 11 a.m. to 1 p.m.  and from 3 p.m. to 5 p.m. (Central European Time)
  • Online translator
  • Statistics about your learning success
  • Virtual Teacher “Torito Joselito” gives explanations and information for the exercises
  • Language exchange / tandem partner
  • Forum
  • Each lesson consists of the following modules: introduction, grammar, grammar exercises, vocabulary, communication, reading and listening

After passing the final test you will obtain a certificate.

The learning language levels range from A1 to C2, beginner to advanced.


All in flat-rate for 12 months: € 8.33 / month, total: € 99.96.

It includes: 1 Spanish Course, 1 podcast course, 1 video course, 8 learning tools, Live Tutor


1 month: € 24.95

3 months: € 19.95 / month, total: € 59.85

6 months: € 16.95 / month, total: € 101.70

12 months: € 13.95 / month, total: € 147.60

It includes: 17 Spanish courses, 4 podcast courses, 2 video courses, 8 learning tools, Live Tutor

Stop for a minute!  

There are numerous websites and mobile applications where you can learn a new language. However, it’s as easy to lose track in the process as to sign up for one. Make the commitment to spend at least 10 minutes from your day on learning.

Small things add up to enormous things. Imagine if you could learn 5 words a day. Everyone can do it, it’s easy. But that results in 1825 words over a year period which is a solid foundation for any language!

Learn Spanish Online with Free Platforms:

The Offer:

  • Grammar explanations and exercises
  • Vocabulary trainer with the help of pictures and audio files
  • Translation exercises
  • Defintion of your daily personal goal
  • Discussion forum
  • Immersion forum; you can read and translate real articles from the Internet.
  • The learning language levels range from beginner to advanced. Advanced learners make a short test before starting the course.

With continuous practice, you can easily reach a basic Spanish speaking level, so you can get by around everyday occasions without difficulties.


The Offer:

  • 600 A4 pages of grammar: pronunciation, articles and plurals, verbs, irregular verbs, pronouns
  • Live video voice chat
  • Discussion forum
  • Spanish Songs with lyrics to read along with German translation
  • Music, poems and stories with German translation
  • Virtual walks through different cities with displayed Spanish text
  • Exercises on all aspects of grammar and listening comprehension

Disadventages of Curso de español:

No tutor, no vocabulary training, self-study only, no data on different levels, no manual for beginners, outdated layout and videos, sometimes bad sound quality. More suitable for advanced students to test themselves and practice.

Learn with Memrise

The Offer:

When learning Spanish Online with Memrise you can choose from a wide range of different courses:

  • Grammar courses
  • Vocabulary courses
  • Conversation courses
  • Phrases courses

You even can learn other types of Spanish like the Mexican Spanish.
The learning language levels range from beginner to advanced.

Learn with Todo Claro

The Offer:

  • Grammar exercises
  • Exercises for thematic vocabulary for beginners, intermediate and advanced.

Disadvantage of Todo-claro.de:
Only exercises, no explanations.

Everyone has to experience for oneself which specific learning platform is the best fit for the individual need. It also depends on the language level. Not all online courses offer the same levels.

Thus, the motto is: The proof of the pudding is in the eating!

Spanish Online Classes 

As we end the list here, we have something for you. What if you could take your teacher to your comfort of home?
We at the FU-International Academy provide individual/group online lessons with our teachers to serve all of your needs.

Learn Spanish Online at home
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