Our Story

“Daddy, what language is that man speaking?”

When my son Daniel was four years old, my wife and I spent a long weekend in the hotel Tecina on La Gomera, the neighbouring island to Tenerife.

In the morning we had been lazing around the pool. It was rather boring for Daniel so he went to watch a man who was diving from one part of the pool to the other.

When the man came up gasping, Daniel asked him in German: “Hattest du die Augen auf beim Tauchen?”. The man tried to make it clear that he couldn’t understand him by making some gestures.

Then Daniel tried in Spanish: “Tenías los ojos abiertos mientras estabas buceando?”. Apparently, the guest couldn’t speak Spanish either and just gave a shrug.

Daniel didn’t hesitate and tried it in English: “Did you have your eyes open in the water?”. Again without success. The bewildered man couldn’t speak English either.

Daniel who always used to being understood, shouted to me desperately: “Daddy, what language is that man speaking?”.

My sons, Daniel and Nicolás, were growing up with three languages. I’m German, their mother is Spanish and Daniel and Nicolás were attending a British school on Tenerife.

It’s time to introduce myself. My name is Frank Sellingsloh. I’m the director and co-owner of the FU International Academy Tenerife.


From: “We love languages”…


That was our first motto when we opened the school in 2000. We were teaching lots of languages back then but our main focus always has been the Spanish language.

Since 2010 we have been only teaching Spanish and in 2015 we changed the brand name…

Into: ¡Hablamos Español!

But of course there were a lot more important matters happening between 2000 and 2015 and afterwards.

Let me show you all our milestones since we started in 2000 until today.


Our Milestones