Discover Tenerife’s Phe Festival

Dive Into The Tenerife Music Scene With Phe Festival This Summer

Tenerife is a coast-coast paradise. From beautiful mountains and lush greenery, to pristine beaches and charming towns, you will feel relaxed and rejuvenated on the island.

Enjoy an unforgettable summer, dancing to the beats of electronic music at Tenerife Phe Festival 2018.

What is “Phe?”

The organizers of this festival believe that “music is the energy that moves the polyhedral reality known as “Phe.”

Phe encompasses new trends in the world of music, art, culture, cinema and gastronomy with a focus on innovation. Come party with open-minded art enthusiasts in Tenerife.

The festival’s main goal is not only to entertain, but to inspire the public in the picturesque town of Puerto de la Cruz.

Phe Festival aims to introduce the audience to up and coming labels, ranging from the genre of electronic to rock, indie, dance, and urban. In order to mix local favorites with international influences, Phe combines artists and bands from all over in order to create an unforgettable experience.  


In this post, we will give you an introduction to the festival, complete with:

  • Specific dates and ticket information
  • Events lineup
  • Best ways to arrive at Phe
  • How to prepare

Let’s get right into it!

Specific information

Image via Phe Festival

WHEN: Phe Festival takes place during the fourth week of August. There are two big concerts that take place on Friday, August 24th and Saturday, August 25th.

WHERE: The festival is held at Puerto de la Cruz.

TICKET PRICES: As the festival organizes different events during the week of duration, you can buy various passes. You can choose from:

  • Full pass for both days: €30
  • Full pass with a student discount for both days: €25
  • One day pass: €20
  • One day pass with a student discount: €15

HOW TO GET TICKETS: The best way to ensure that you get a ticket is to buy online, and do it in advance.

WHO ATTENDS: Phe Festival is perfect for open-minded art and music fans who’d like to check out the new international and local trends.

Foodies often come to Phe to explore the hottest gastro updates.

Events Lineup 2018

Phe Festival organizes many different events. The concert venue will have an area of trends, sports and restoration in line with the style and conceptual commitment of the festival.

We’ll show you an overview of what to expect at the 2018 Phe Festival.


Phe Festival’s values are centered around music as the driving force behind the energy of the world, which is why they make sure to have a great lineup every year.

You will be able to move to the beat of your favorite songs as well as discover new performers. The 2018 lineup includes:


The original band from Barcelona is one of the most successful up and coming music phenomena of the last years in the Spanish music, thanks to their unique style mix new wave, electronic music and indie rock.

Don’t miss Dorian performing and enjoy the show listening their most recently famous songs; “Cualquier otra parte”, “Paraisos artificiales” or “La tormenta”, you will not be disappointed.

Image via Facebook


This artist originally from Argentina found her artistic cradle as the singer she is today when she arrived in Spain. The singer goes from blues, rap, salsa to jazz. Although, without a doubt, the main influence on her work is swing.


This band has a hard to define style, ranging from rock to punk, but always very personal, mixing music and synthesizers. As usual, the band interpreted present  and surrealists lyrics both in the social, political and personal, which is precisely the one that never expires.



Perro’s libertine style goes from the beginning to end of their songs. The lyrics are written “among all”, so they warn that “this is how they come out” and everyone finds a unique meaning. Their most recent Albums are “Estudias”, “Navajas”,“Tiene bacalao” and “tiene melodía”.


This Canarian band originally from Tenerife was founded in 2003. The name of this group refers to an animated childish character popularized by a German TV series and a song from El niño gusano, mythical Spanish indie band of the 90’s. Their most recent album is Justicia Poética, published in 2015.


Phe Festival wouldn’t be the same without a female rock of Minifefas. This Canarian band recently was recognized as Revelation Band in the Ciudad de la Laguna (LALAcore 017).


This Spanish singer is an indie artist, currently with a strong fan base on his social networks prove his popularity. His music is recognized by his imagination and fantasy. Successful songs like “Today is the day” has been music of the spring-summer campaign of the Walmart chain in the United States.

Image via Instagram


The band is formed by Koldo Soret (guitar, octavador and vocals) and Ursula Strong (drums). With clear styles of stoner and hard rock sounds, they are in the process of funding their album through a crowdfunding platform.

Dive into their sound in the Phe festival and feel their hard rock.


Originally from Las Palmas de Gran Canarias, Texxcoco is a Spanish Rock group who sings punk and nihilist music. They have recorded two EPs, “Blu” and “Psychonaut”, and an LP, “Disorder”. Texxcoco will undoubtedly deliver a magnetic show at Phe Festival.


Image via Instagram


Chilean band of dream pop and alternative rock. Formed by five female artists who are always looking to develop new sounds, where musical and lyrical improvisation are the protagonists in the creation of new songs.


“Fuego” is the fifth album of this talented singer, it has marked a turning point in Ana’s career. Musically speaking, it has meant a return to the past as well as a journey into the future. An impeccable collection of songs that is equally captivating media and fans all over the world.


Kid Simius is a Spanish musician that at the age of 16 began to make electronic music and occasionally had smaller appearances as a DJ. In his mini-album “Wet Sounds” he tried to bring the guitar back to electronic music in a “cool way”, it has been a way of dealing with his Spanish roots.

Dive into the beats of Phe Festival right by the water and have a good time.


Phe Festival wouldn’t be the same without Floridablanca. Their single “Solo de Madrugada”, remains immovable in the TOP10 Viral Spotify. What this new group proposes to you are songs of optimistic pop and with true obsession for rhythm, updating synth-pop and funk sounds until they become timeless.


Currently singing solo, this Colombian artist was in the past one of the people responsible for the formation of the successful duo Pedrina y Rio, an important act of active alternative pop during the second decade of the new millennium. Its style comes from an alternative underground wave mixed with sounds from her musical roots.

Image via Instagram


Phe Festival has a commitment to show creative films of value, betting on innovation and creative conversation between filmmakers. The cinema portion of the festival aims to encourage an open conversation and eliminate communication barriers.

Phe Festival invites creators from the Canary Islands in order to introduce you to fresh, new talent.

Innovation  + Culture

Phe Festival will offer a wide range of activities from 23rd to 25th of August.

Innovation and culture are at the very heart of Phe Festival’s concept. This year “Phe Festival has taken another step, the Culture Area’s motto is: “a responsible vision towards the environment”.

Ecoembes, an organization who is responsible for taking care of the environment, will present their contribution called: ‘Guardians of Recycling’. Some original superheroes encouraged to maintain a responsible awareness with the environment in leisure spaces. Furthermore, Tenerife + Sostenible will hold workshops on recycling and mobility in the mornings from the 23th-25th of August and Puerto de la Cruz’s Council of Services will also have an information point on the selective collection of waste and other programs they have been working on.

Fashion + Innovative designs

With Emprendemoda and Levi Jeans at the forefront, this year the trends are again Phe protagonists thanks to the design of the site. Levi’s will be present with the Tailor Shop, a space of 48m2  with raffles and other events over the weekend.

The collective of Canarian creators ‘Emprendemoda’, a project of the Cabildo de Tenerife, brings a very special “pop up store” to the Phe Festival where the public can meet emerging brands.

Also in attendance are vintage fashion stores, Dicky Morgan and Kish, along with Quíquere, a new brand dedicated to the design and production of all types of bags with 100% cotton fabric, free of toxins and dyes, designed and manufactured in the Island.

To complete the spectacular fashion exhibitions, a Barber and Make up Space offer the perfect space to put a “festivalero” color note with the latest trends in makeup and hairstyles to be showcased during the event.


The gastronomic commitment of Phe continues to grow year on year. The 2018 Phe Festival will be more varied with the presence of food trucks and specific stalls with seafood, gourmet burgers and food from all around the world!


Around Phe festival

As Phe Festival takes place in Puerto de la Cruz, you will have the opportunity to freely move around and explore town. Dive into the charm of Puerto. Walk the narrow cobblestone streets and check out what street vendors have to offer.

Phe Festival in Puerto de la Cruz

Image via Facebook

Best ways to arrive at Phe


If you are coming from abroad, you can easily fly into both the north and south Tenerife airport. Only a short cab or bus ride away, you will be able to make your way to Puerto de la Cruz.

The most convenient (but also most expensive) way to get into Puerto de la Cruz from the airport is via Taxi.

Official Taxi Tenerife  +34 922 397 074 +34 653 916 278

Servi Taxi Tenesur  +034 922 747 511


Puerto de la Cruz is really well-connected with the rest of Tenerife. You can easily hop on the bus and make your way over if you live in la Orotava and Santa Cruz, or even in the South. Tickets are inexpensive.

You can buy a bono bus ticket which gives you a discounted price on your journey. This is a good idea if you plan to stick around the island and travel extensively.

Hop on to bus 343 or 111 + 102 from the south airport and 102 or 343 from the north.


Hop into your car and get to Puerto de la Cruz in a very short time, regardless of where on the island you are.

How to prepare

Phe Festival preparations

Image via Phe Festival

Make sure to pack light for Phe Festival. Here are some essentials to have with you:

  • Tickets
  • ID
  • Water/ water bottle
  • Sunglasses
  • Phone + charger
  • Sunscreen
  • Comfortable shoes
  • Flip flops
  • Comfortable Tshirt and shorts
  • A change of clothes if you stay for longer than one day
  • Towel
  • Wallet – bring cash to use at the street market

There you have it – a complete overview of the innovative Phe Festival. Book your tickets and get ready to party with open-minded, international fans.

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