Hola, my name is Pilar.

Let me introduce you to one of the most rewarding aspects of my job – Our Private Spanish Lessons.

I love teaching private lessons. In my opinion, one-on-one individual tutoring is a very effective and efficient way of learning Spanish if you’re looking for a language course completely customized to you.

Teaching Method & Course Content

Based on your requests, we’ll create a unique study programme for you.

Before starting your private lessons, we’ll ask you to take a level test in order to find out what your Spanish knowledge is.

You can tell us all about your objectives via email or during your first private class.

Based on your requests, we’ll create a unique study program, using our special FUIA teaching system, making sure we teach you what you need to learn and practice.

We tailor your private Spanish lessons completely according to your needs, interests, and previous language knowledge.

If you’re struggling in a particular area, we will spend more time on those topics and help you advance at your own pace. As a result, you’ll reach your learning objectives far more quickly.

Overview of Spanish Levels

When taking Private Spanish Lessons with us you will:

When taking Private Spanish Lessons with us you will:

What Are the Advantages of Our Private Spanish Lessons?

Private Spanish Lessons with Alvaro
  • Our schedule is flexible and we do our best to plan your classes at the time and day that works best for you.

  • You can choose how many lessons you want to do per week.

  • Save some money! Bring a friend or family member and take a one-to-two course together.

  • Make it more fun! We can even organise a private group course for you and two others.

  • We’ll help you enjoy your leisure time by organising weekly activities and excursions.

Our Private Lessons at a Glance

Our Private Lessons at a Glance