Spanish & Coworking

Did you know that we have a fully equipped coworking space right next door to our Spanish classrooms? No? Well, check the picture above!

This is our shared workspace for digital nomads, journalists, freelancers, online marketers, Spanish students and many more! Here, at “Coworking in the Sun” you can rent one of 20 working spaces and take advantage of our high speed internet and professional equipment.

FU International Academy Tenerife is the first language school in the world that provides a coworking space.

Regardless of your age, profession, background or Spanish level, there is a coworking space here for you. We’ll make you feel welcome from day one and by the end of your stay you’ll have fallen in love with the island, way of life and culture.

Join our Spanish intensive classes in the morning and continue working on your own projects in our coworking space in the afternoon.

You haven’t heard of coworking spaces yet?

Let us quickly explain: As mentioned above, a coworking space refers to a shared office space where you can work independently. Instead of having an entire office to yourself, you work alongside other like-minded individuals.

The concept of coworking has grown massively across the world and the spaces offer a perfect location to share experiences, work, grow your network and make lifelong friends!

Coworking eliminates the need to work at home or a local coffee shop with slow internet, you can work in a high-quality workspace in some of the most interesting locations around the world.

The original concept of coworking was more the short-term hiring of rooms in public locations like libraries or taking your laptop to the local Starbucks, but now it has evolved into so much more than that.

Coworking now is so much more, it is a way to develop a community, work in a new location, increase your productivity and improve your job satisfaction.

10 years ago the concept would have been very foreign, but coworking is the future, and the future is now!

What does our coworking space offer to you?

Our coworking space is designed for people in a huge range of professions and backgrounds. The workplace has evolved, people work from home, they work remotely, they travel, contracts are flexible and employers value job satisfaction more than ever.

We have a unique atmosphere and vibrance here due to our steady stream of new students, coworkers and nomads coming to Tenerife to learn, visit, work and relax.

Our coworking space offers the flexibility, freedom and comfort of working away from your office while providing human interaction that is often missed by remote or home workers.

The ability to pair your coworking with some of our Spanish lessons to help you really enjoy the culture of the Canary Islands and developing your understanding in one of the world’s most popular languages, is never a bad thing.

This is an opportunity to explore one of the most unique islands in the world! We are a short walk from world class beaches, quality local cuisine, hidden gems and tourist hotspots. Tenerife is a diverse and beautiful volcanic island which has so much to offer everyone.

A year round average climate of 22c on the island means you can escape the cold weather in the colder months, join us on the island of eternal spring and cowork in the sun.

We offer a wide range of services for our coworkers to enjoy and use, including but not limited to:

Our Services

  • 300 MBit Internet Speed (Up & Download)

  • Soundproof Room for Online Conferences, Calls and Video Editing

  • Flexible Work Stations

  • Free Meeting Rooms after 14.00h

  • Reception from 09.00h to 16.00h

  • Cleaning Service

  • Lockers

  • IT Service

  • On-Site Cafe with a Large Terrasse

  • Free Leisure Time Activities like Salsa, Volleyball, Culture Classes and Games

Our Location

  • Gym with Special Short Term Rates

  • Supermarket 1 Minute Walk Away

  • Bakery Next Door

  • 2 Minute Walk to Buses

  • Botanical Garden Across the Street

  • 15 Minute Walk to the Sea

  • Views of the Mountains & Teide

  • Short Walk into Town

Want to Combine Spanish Classes and Coworking?

If you are interested in exploring Tenerife and combining your Spanish lessons with coworking then we’d love to hear from you! Join the countless happy coworking alumni today:

Find out all about our coworking space at and secure your 10% discount for our Spanish students!

Simply mention on the enrolment form that you want to use the coworking space.