Coworking in the Sun- Learn Spanish and Get Your Work Done

Learn Spanish and do your every day work at the same time?

Sound’s like an ideal combination. FU International Academy Tenerife offers you this brand new way of learning Spanish. All without sacrificing your workload!

How do we do it? We are the first language school worldwide that provides a coworking space. If you’re a freelancer or can work remotely this is the best way to learn Spanish. Hands down.

How can we be so sure about that? Well, let’s go through the other options.

What’s the Dilemma of Learning a Language?

Okay, so you’re a busy professional and you want to learn a new language.

Online classes may seem to be a convenient choice. You can take them whenever and wherever you want, right?
But most of these classes only allow you to interact with a computer. And that comes with little to no practice.

How can you see any improvements if you can’t apply what you’ve learned?

Let’s face it: The best way to practice a language and to pick it up fast is to talk to native speakers. So it’s not surprising, that the most efficient way to learn Spanish is:
An intensive course where you immerse yourself in a Spanish-speaking country. Even more so if you can manage to stay for an extended period.

Then again, who can afford to leave their work idle for that long?

Work or Holiday

Sure, you could sacrifice your vacations because you know:
Learning a new language is extremely beneficial. It always opens new doors and can change your life in ways you didn’t think of before.

But what if instead, you’d like to spend your vacation at the pool, sleeping or reading a book? There’s nothing wrong with that and that’s the dilemma right there.

But what if there was a way to learn Spanish as efficiently as you would when going on a language-study vacation… without actually being on vacation?

How to Learn Spanish and Work in Spain?

FU International Academy Tenerife is based on the beautiful Canarian island of Tenerife.

Here we can offer you Spanish classes with our competent native teachers in the morning. For the rest of the day, you can use our well-equipped coworking space right beside the classrooms.

learn spanish and work in spain

Along with that comes mild, warm temperatures all year round and stunning, black sand beaches nearby.
It may even feel like a vacation to you. No matter if you’re on a sunny coffee break in our cafeteria or having lunch with interesting people from all over the world. You’ll meet them either in the classroom or at the coworking space.

However, with all that, you’ll get just as much work done as you would back home – if not more.

How will it affect my work?

It will affect your work but in a good way.

Changing up your environment will be the most beneficial thing you’ve ever done for your work life. Even if it’s just for a short period of time. New influences and impressions will be a fresh source of motivation and inspiration.
This alone will make you enjoy what you do even more.

Sunset Tenerife Spain

After the productive part of your day, you can unwind at the beach and start practising your Spanish skills. For example, while enjoying a beautiful sunset dinner with your newfound friends.

Or with whoever you choose to bring with you on this brilliant trip.

Are you intrigued?

Find out all about our coworking space at and secure your 10% discount for Spanish students!

Simply mention on the enrolment form that you will use the coworking space.

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