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We Teach You the Most Useful Skill!

There are so many great sources out there to learn Spanish online. Plenty of websites and tools even help you to learn for free. From videos and podcasts to fun apps all these tools can help improve your reading, writing and listening.

But there’s one skill, the most important skill in any language, that all these sources can’t teach you. Speaking Spanish!

It’s so much harder to practice speaking compared to the other skills because it’s not something you can learn to do on your own. When it comes to conversation, computers just can’t help you in the way a native speaker can.

Speaking Spanish is one of most sought-after skills, and yet it’s the one element of Spanish people practice the least.

So how can you learn to speak Spanish? The only way is to practice by talking to native speakers as often as possible! By talking to a native Spanish speaker you can get used to the flow of the language and the common phrases. And this is exactly what you’ll do in our Spanish conversation online classes!

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Conversational Spanish Online Classes


These classes are perfect for practising and improving your oral skills.

We don’t waste your time, all of the material is planned beforehand and we use the classes to focus on speaking in Spanish.

Our conversational online lessons are flexible and designed to focus on becoming fluent in Spanish. We give you the chance to practice Spanish at your level and build up your confidence and to develop your skills.

A minimum Spanish level of B1 is necessary to book the conversation classes in order to secure a conversation flow.

Your friendly tutor will help you with improving pronunciation, vocabulary, and grammar.

We don’t believe in a one size fits all methodology. Our online classes are tailored to suit you. We focus on your interests to help you engage with the language.

Our topics range from news, art, controversy, small talk, job interview preparation, business talk, practice your presentation, technology, sports or you can even bring your own topic.

For the conversational online classes, we use SKYPE.

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All of our online tutors are Spanish native speakers which will make you feel just as if you were studying in Spain! They are very friendly and professional so your conversations will be completely genuine and natural.

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