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All of Our Spanish Courses & Exams

Intensive Spanish Courses

Are you looking for an introductory Spanish course with flexible starting dates and duration, or maybe hoping to refresh your existing language skills? Then our intensive language courses are the perfect choice for you!

DELE Exam Preparation

It’s always best to be prepared! If you’re thinking of taking the DELE Exam but want to avoid any nasty surprises on the day, taking our DELE Preparation Course you will make sure you are well prepared and ready to pass with flying colours.


Are you ready to take the next step in your Tourism & Hospitality career? This is the course for you! Build on your existing Spanish skills. Improve your communication skills through specific vocabulary related to the tourism and hospitality industry.

Business Spanish Courses

Impress everyone at your next international meeting or interview! Get that promotion you’re looking for! Find the job you’ve always wanted! Every additional skill on your resume, places you one step closer to your dream job. Perfect your Spanish now!

Spanish and Sports

Take advantage of Tenerife’s endless summer! For those looking for something more active, our school offers surfing, paragliding and diving lessons combined with your Spanish course.


Time for teachers to become students again! You can enhance your professional development in a European environment or strengthen your existing language skills while discussing and sharing effective techniques for teaching and learning.

Individual Spanish Lessons

Are you looking for a very effective and efficient way to learn Spanish? Our individual courses are tailored to your personal needs, interests and previous knowledge of Spanish. We plan your lessons on a schedule that suits you.


It’s worth sitting an exam to stay in Tenerife forever! If you’re not quite ready yet you can join one of our CCSE preparation courses, after which you can even sit the exam at our academy in Puerto de la Cruz.

Spanish Online Classes

Do you lead a busy life and prefer to further develop your language skills working from home, while travelling, or from your favourite coffee shop? We can provide you with online course options so you can take your learning with you wherever you go. All you need is a computer and motivation to learn!

Spanish for School Groups

Combining a Spanish language course with a lively sports and social program is an ideal way for students to spend their holidays! In Tenerife it’s summer all year round, and students can use Spanish to interact in real-life situations.

Long Term Spanish Course

Stay with us a little longer and enjoy Tenerife’s sun! You can spend up to 48 weeks perfecting your Spanish and learning in depth all the necessary communicative skills to speak like a native, while enjoying the island and the many leisure activities on offer.


Ready to test your knowledge? At our school in Puerto de la Cruz you can take the DELE Exam and prove your language abilities by gaining an internationally recognised certification from the Cervantes Institute. Check the dates for this test.

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