Spanish School Director Daphne

Hi, my name is Daphne.

I’m the coordinator of the Language and Methodology course for non-native teachers of Spanish and I’m passionate about delivering it.

Teaching this course not only allows me to share with teachers and future teachers from all over the world my experience of more than 25 years, but it also gives me the opportunity to learn from their own exposure to the Spanish language.

Our Spanish for Teachers course combines looking at innovative foreign language teaching approaches and revising some of the more challenging aspects of the grammar. We aim to enhance your professional development in a European environment, in the relaxed atmosphere of our island, Tenerife.

Content of Our Spanish for Teachers Course

We cover the following topics:

  • The role that grammar has to play in the language classroom and how to address specific grammar problems in the classroom:

    • Conflicting uses of the subjunctive.
    • Conflicting uses of the past tenses.
    • Conflicting uses of the verbs ser and estar.
  • Explaining the communicative approach.

  • Teaching lexical collocations.

  • Teaching a CLIL class.

  • Gamification in the ELE classroom: development and use of games.

  • The use of the cinema and images in the ELE classroom.

  • The cultural component in the ELE classroom.

  • Real-time observations of our classes.

Overview of Spanish Levels

The objectives of this course are:

The objectives of this course are:

Language and Methodology

We always follow our special FUIA teaching system.

Teachers in Spanish class

The course aims to develop the practical aspects of interactive and communicative teaching of the language, paying particular attention to the use of different materials and resources (audio-visual, Internet, games, written materials, etc.), for different types of lessons.

At the same time, the most common problems arising in the ELE classroom will be analysed, and possible solutions put forward.

The course is both theoretical and practical and you as a participant will be able not only to update your knowledge but also to reflect on your own educational experiences, exchange ideas with other participants and perfect your level of Spanish.

Our Spanish for Teachers Course at a Glance

Our Spanish for Teachers Course at a Glance