Have a Safe Stay with Us!

Before you come to Tenerife for a Spanish course with us, we strongly recommend that you arrange insurance cover to protect yourself against the possibility of cancellation due to illness or accident.

If you are an EU citizen you would only need the European Health Insurance card which you can apply for before travelling to Tenerife. This will entitle you to free healthcare throughout your stay in Tenerife.

guard.me – Insurance for Language Courses Abroad

guard.me insurance provides financial protection and medical assistance during your language course.

guard.me is among the world’s largest insurance providers in international education, protecting thousands of individuals studying and working abroad. As the insurer of choice for private and public universities and colleges, language schools and school boards, guard.me is trusted by over 400 partner agents, organizations and educational institutions globally.

You can sign up on this health and travel insurance when booking a language course with us. Just add it when you fill in our online enrollment form.

Period of cover

Provided that the insured journey starts and ends within the policy period and that the appropriate declaration and premium payment have been made:

  • In respect of cancellation, for EEA originating trips only, cover starts on the date the insured journey is booked and ends with the start of the insured journey.
  • In respect of all other insurance in the policy, cover starts upon arrival in the academic course host country and ends when you depart the host country.

guard.me features & benefits

Cancellation, maximum£/€ 7,500
Curtailment, maximum£/€ 7,500
Delayed Departure
Travel Delay, maximum£/€ 80
– per 12 hrs£/€ 20
Missed Departure
Missed Departure, maximum£/€ 7,500
Baggage Delay
Baggage Delay, maximum after 12 hrs£/€ 100
Baggage, Personal money and Travel Documents
Baggage, maximum£/€ 2,000
– Single Article Limit£/€ 250
– Valuables Limit£/€ 250
Personal Money, maximum£/€ 250
Travel Documents, maximum£/€ 250
Emergency Medical and Repatriation Expenses
Emergency Medical and Repatriation Expenses, maximum£/€ 10,000,000
Infants born following complications of pregnancy£/€ 75,000
Emergency Dental Expenses, maximum£/€ 150
Funeral Expenses, maximum£/€ 5,000
Hospital Benefit
Hospital Benefit, maximum£/€ 100
– per 24 hrs £/€ 20
Personal Accident
Personal Accident, maximum £/€ 115,000
Travel Accident
Travel Accident, maximum £/€ 25,000
Personal Liability
Personal Liability, maximum £/€ 2,000,000

Don’t hesitate to contact us for more information!