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How do you know our courses are good value for your money?

Well, you don’t have to take our word for it, hear from some of our past students!

We get so many great reviews every year it can be hard to choose between them! Here is a selection of some of our past students giving their thoughts on our courses. Each one of these reviews is from someone who studied here with us in Tenerife or online at home. We can easily guarantee all our reviews are genuine because we get so much positive feedback! We hope that hearing from some of our previous students will help you to decide to join us in Tenerife and finally learn Spanish.

Student Review Mirela Mirela
Facebook Post Ferdinando
katrin student review i20

Every day the lessons varied, with new vocabulary, grammar exercises, listening comprehension and conversation. My teachers Daphne, Rosemary and Alvaro taught me their native tongue with passion. They explained everything in a very understandable manner and they also gave me many tips that will help me quite a lot when it comes to teaching my own students back in Austria.

Katrin (Austria) - Intensive 20
Spanish Student Paolo

In the beginning, my Spanish language level was at zero, but thanks to the solid organization and professionalism of my teacher, I was able to reach as far as level A1.4 during my stay!

Paolo (Italy) - Intensive 30
denise student review tourism

Super nice people and teachers. Also, I enjoyed learning in small groups. It made the lessons even more intense, and this helped to improve my Spanish really quickly.

Denise (Germany) - Spanish for Tourism
Spanish Student Lovisa

The atmosphere at FUIA was cheerful and comfortable and I always felt at home. The school activities were varied and well planned. We shared breakfast every Monday on the beautiful terrace of the school’s cafe.

Lovisa (Sweden) - Long Term Course
josef student review long term course

The teachers (and I know four of them) and I got along very well as they are without exception very friendly and polite. Besides their tremendous experience in teaching and undoubtful professional competence, you feel their dedication to teach the students new things and enjoy learning a new language. And above all, they have been very patient with me, which I really admire. Additionally, the classes are not too serious, as we are laughing very often.

Josef (Austria) - Long Term Course
Martina and Asya

The course was very nice. All the people were very helpful and we had a really wonderful time. We hope to come here again. Thank you very much.

Martina and Asya (Bulgaria) - Intensive 20
Yulia Evyenia Natalia

We had a great time during our stay of 6 weeks in Tenerife at FU International Academy. We enjoyed the course, the salsa lessons, the beach, the sun and the night life.

Yulia, Evgenya and Natalia (Russia) - Intensive 20
M. Corcoran

I am satisfied with the course at this school. I think that the professors are well prepared and the classes were interesting.

M. Corcoran (Poland) - Intensive 20
Student Comment
Student Group Posing
antonio student review

I´ve chosen Tenerife, the FU International Academy, to take a course of Spanish and here in Puerto de la Cruz. I liked the lessons. There weren´t many students in one course and therefore it was a direct, constant and educational contact between the teacher and the students. I liked above all speaking about literature and cultural subjects. The teacher has a very good cultural knowledge level and this was important to exchange opinions and experiences. The accommodation was comfortable and clean. In Puerto I liked the “Lago Martianez”, a huge swimming pool landscape with sea water and the different local fiestas.

Antonio (Italy) - Intensive 20
Spanish Student Federica

I was very lucky to spend 6 months at the FU International Academy because I was preparing for a big language test. My time here was ingenious; I haven’t only learned the language but also the culture and lot of great people.My teacher, who accompanied me during all of my stay, was very friendly and helpful. Due to her my Spanish language skills improved a lot. We laughed plenty of times in class and had a good time together. Because of the language, all the students of different countries melt together and you can learn more about other cultures of the world as well.Willingly I will come back to the FU International Academy, who guided me cordially through my time at Tenerife and I look forward to having my next tasty “cortado” in the cafeteria.

Federica (Italy) - Long Term Course
Spanish Online Student Belinda

Attended a 3 weeks onsite Spanish course in Tenerife, followed now by an online course (because we all know, that you won’t continue learning on your own ;)). My online teacher is Pilar, who also taught me at school in Costa Adeje. The course is very well structured (new agenda for each week) and a perfect mixture of grammar and free speaking. The workload depends completely on my preferences. Highly appreciate FU’s flexibility and friendliness. Recommendable!

Belinda (Germany) - Spanish Online Course
Business Spanish Student Alja

My impression of the school was good. I think that the school is recommendable. To learn Spanish for business on such a beautiful island so close to the sea is awesome and makes it even more enjoyable. The memories will remain.

Alja (Slovenia) - Intensive 20
Spanish Student Jean Marc

Everybody who intends to learn Spanish, I would recommend to come here to this school where you can study and enjoy a pleasant ambience in form of a vacation at the same time by taking private lessons.

Jean Marc (France) - Private Spanish Lessons
Billie Jo Student Review

I had a very good time over here. I´ve learned a lot, especially because of the small classes. My teacher was very kind, patient and creative. I liked her classes a lot. I can recommend staying with a host family. In that way, you learn so much more about the language and about Tenerife and its tradition.

Billie-Jo (Canada) - Intensive 20
Briet Student Review

My experience here in FU language school has been great. The teachers here are great and I learned a lot more in Spanish than I thought I would. This island has many different and exciting things you can do for fun when you are not at school. Overall my stay here has been more fun, exciting and instructive than I had ever expected.

Briet (Iceland) - Intensive 20
Spanish Student Kathrina

I attended the Business Spanish Course for one week and I am of the opinion that this course improved my language skills. My teacher did a lot of different exercises and thus, it never got boring. Thanks to the course I became more confident concerning using Spanish in daily life.

Kathrina (Germany) - Business Spanish Course
Student Review Katica and Iris

We liked the course very much. Lessons were very good because the teacher spoke in Spanish all the time and we were forced to understand her. Unfortunately, there was too little time, but enough to see that you are all very kind, open and ready to help. We enjoyed our time here.

Katica and Iris (Slovenia) - Intensive 20
Student Review Emilie

I came to study in this language school because a friend of my parents knew about it. I think the school is very good and I have learnt a lot. I studied in a small group and the teachers were very good. The classroom was large and bright and the chosen books suited my needs and helped me a lot.

Emilie (France) - Intensive 20
Student Review Lara

Altogether I spent six weeks at the FU learning Spanish and I would have loved to stay much longer, because I had a great time there. My teacher was really nice and caring. She always fulfilled our needs and the lessons were very interesting, so I could really improve my Spanish. The time here went by very fast because I met lots of very nice people and we had so much fun. I will especially remember our “Fiestas” in “El Cubano” for a very long time.

Lara (Germany) - Intensive 20
Student Review Anamaria

My experience during these four weeks at the school were unforgettable. The accommodation is very nice, it is a good idea to put together students from different countries. The school is very well organised, and the teachers are very friendly, they are great fun and I have learned a lot in our class. The atmosphere is a very pleasant one for learning. Overall, the experience has been wonderful because I have met new people and got to know other cultures.

Anamaria (Croatia) - Intensive 20
Student Review Dorel Kokolin

We like the hospitality and kindness of the team. Learning the language in such a beautiful place is a pleasure. Also learning a new language in a country, where everybody speaks that language, is easier than at home. The classes were good, as was the method of teaching Spanish. The teacher was friendly and professional.

Dorel and Kokolin (Rumania) - Intensive 20
Student Review Allessandra

The course of 60 hours, which I attended at FU International Academy has helped me to correct some errors which Italian students commonly make in the Spanish language. The lessons have been developed with 2 aims; in the first 2 weeks the focus was mainly on the grammar, in the last week, mostly verb forms and everyday conversation was addressed.

Allessandra (Italy) - Intensive 20
Business Spanish Student Romaine

I learned so much during my stay in the school. I needed to improve my Spanish for my Internship on Tenerife and the course helped me so much. There weren’t too many pupils in the class, the teacher was able to attend to our wishes and requirements. FU International Academy looked after me very well.

Romaine (Switzerland) - Intensive 20
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